smut theory

last night

“You fucked me so good last night,” I told my spouse.  “Is it ok if I look at your chonies and think about your dick?  Because that’s what I’m doing.”

“Yeah,” he said.  He was standing in the kitchen, wearing no pants, still waking up.

“I want more of that,” I said.  He came to me where I was sitting and hugged me.  I slipped my hands beneath his shirt and grabbed him with love, hugged him, and felt his dick get hard against my body.  I kissed his tummy and lip-chewed his lovely nipples.  Yummy.

“I love you.  Yeah, so good.  You’re amazing,” I said  “I can’t believe my leg muscles were cramping up like that.  It felt so good, I was going to come.  That’s right when they start getting like they’re going to cramp up!”

My spouse acknowledged my woe.

“Ugh!  Thanks, muscles!” I said: sarcasm.

I’ve had muscles cramp up during sex in my back and hips, mostly.  This was different thigh muscles cramping up.  Yes, we’re in the desert, and it’s hard to stay hydrated.

But I wish medicine could help me.  My body is made of quirk.  I’m walking anomaly.  It’s a lot of work, to be me.

mixed messages

He’d been sending me mixed messages.  I woke up when he came to bed–he wanted sex, but I was sleepy.  I got up to pee, and he showed me his erection.  “Ah, pretty,” I said.

Probably he wished I would turn into a sex crazed Beatles fan and suck it immediately.  But I was hella tired.  We continued with our bed process to the point that he was wearing his cpap mask and cuddled on my back, but he was pushing his hard dick on the fat pad of my upper butt.

By then I was getting horny, and I was pushing my ass back toward him and moved his hand to my breast.  He was touching my left nipple, and I turned into a slut very quickly.  He took off his cpap mask, and we were having sex.


He reached further and touched both my nipples, and I told him, “You make me so horny,” and, “I want you.”

It hurt a little, as he humped the fat pad above my ass, a pain I enjoy.  My cunt ached with sexual need, and I wanted his dick inside me.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked, and he did.  I was conveniently naked, having never worn clothes after my evening shower.  He climbed upon me, and my cunt was ready for him.  It hurt as he slid in, in a way I like, and I yelped a little louder than I should have.

I need privacy.  It’s so tiresome, having to be so quiet all the time.  I wish we could go on a trip and make noise.

“Do you like that pussy?” I asked.  He clearly liked it, sliding into me over and over, changing the angle, hearing my breath change and watching me emote with pleasure.

I rubbed his chest and told him I loved him, rubbed my own nipples, grabbed his shoulders, grabbed his back with my arms, and grabbed his legs with my legs.  His hair was down, and I reached up to move it away from his face, looking at him as he fucked me.  So pretty.


I was going to come, which is always a treat, to come on his dick.  Then a muscle in my right thigh began to cramp, and I was like–ack!  No!  I tried to stretch it as he continued to fuck me, but I had to push him off.

He massaged the muscles for me, which didn’t seem to help.  I thought the muscle was done cramping, and I invited him to fuck me some more, but then it was cramping again.

Ah, so sad.  The same muscle in my left thigh was cramping too.  I drank some water and we cuddled.  Then he tried fucking me again–I decided to keep my legs really relaxed, thinking they might not cramp again.  But it was difficult to do that–all my instincts said to push back.  I hadn’t realized my muscles are doing all that, as my spouse fucks me.


Neither of us came, and we cuddled for a long time.  I expressed some medical anger.  That’s just a bottomless well I can access at any time–if I would like to be angry, I can think of how I’m treated by doctors.  And if I want to be furious to the point of rage, I can think of how my spouse is treated by doctors.  It’s not very productive.

This morning I asked my spouse, “Were you horny already when you came to bed, or did you see me naked in bed and get horny?”

He told me that seeing me naked in bed made him very horny.

“Oh, good to know,” I said.  “I will try to sleep naked, when the time is right, and inspire this again.”  I smiled at him.

blue fairy light

A blue fairy light was shining on his ass as he slept after the sex last night, and I’m authorized to photograph him as he sleeps.  I showed him the photo this morning, and he liked it.

Very glad to love this substantially-assed sweet charmer, and share my body with him in pleasure and mutual respect.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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