smut theory

thank you

“Thank you for getting me off, earlier,” I told my spouse, as he came to bed.

“Sure, no problem!” he said, smiling.

“I really needed that,” I said, hugging him and kissing him.  He accepts all my love.

I heard you’re not supposed to thank people for sex, but what if I’m super-grateful?  That’s a rule I’m going to break.  I’ll say thank you to everybody for everything.

the encounter

I was so sleepy, but so horny.  As I fell asleep early and alone, I was touching my breasts, especially my nipples.  I wanted to masturbate and come, but I couldn’t stay awake.

So when I woke up to pee and drink water, my spouse payed me a visit.  (We’re on different sleep schedules.)  I was happy he touched my breasts.  I asked him to take off his shirt, so he took off all his clothes.  The skin-skin contact felt so safe.  I was nourished by his loving body.

“Do you want anything?” I asked.

I touched his erection and gave the head of his dick some kisses.  He’d just taken a shower, and his dick smelled like soap.

“I wanna cuddle with you,” he said.  “And I want to make you come.”


“Ok!  Great!” I said.  Yes, I could use some help.  “Would you touch me here?”  We kissed.  I moved his hand to my cunt.

I held him close as he rubbed my clit.  “Will you touch my hole?” I asked.  It’s always wetter there, and then he can pull the lubrication to my clit.

“Mmm!  Feels good,” I said.  “Yes, please.”

He was happy to do that.  I liked his finger in my hole, that joyful penetrated feeling.  And then he was slickly rubbing my clit, and that feeling is so tender too, as the pleasure undulates me.  I loved his attention and care, as I held him in a long hug.

“I’m going to do it,” I said, and I took over rubbing myself.  He concentrated on my tits as I masturbated.  He licked and sucked my left nipple as he rubbed the right nipple.  I moved a pillow behind my left shoulder and touched myself, my mind full of fantasy.


The orgasm was intense; I held my spouse and came, so in love.  I was relaxed afterward, felt almost guilty to fall asleep quickly.  It was kind of him to tell me he wanted to get me off, and bless the lack of balance.

Thank you, sweetheart.  Yes, the pleasure was healing.  So much stress and emotional work lately.  You help me like no one else.

Thank you for caring, giving, listening, building something real with me.  Taking me out, letting me stay home, making me smile, making me come, and helping me be who I am.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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