I love this image.  Maybe it’s supposed to be funny, a depiction of a switch: I am Buddha with upraised mudra hand to spank–I am the naked lady on his lap, ass already pink from impact, ready to receive the next blow.  BDSM as religion.  Valid!

But something more, with the sacred Buddha.  The image could be seen as making fun of religion, or as bringing fun to religion.  I enjoy seeing it in multiple ways.  I love religion as well as sex, and there’s no contradiction problem there.  Pleasure is my path.  The white light I see while in subspace could be God.  I’m not saying it isn’t!

The spank image made me think right away about this other picture I really love and have seen floating around the internet for some years.


A little white toddler child in overalls has climbed onto a mossy Buddha statue outdoors.  The child’s arms are around Buddha, and the child kisses Buddha on the lips.

I imagine the kid loves Buddha–maybe in this moment at least, the kid loves everyone and everything.  Luckily, I can relate to that.  As an adult, feeling safe, I’ve been in a state like that.  You could call it enlightenment.


I’m a bhakti kinda gal.  Accidentally I worship the people I love all the time.  Or if I’m close to someone, I might worship them more formally and intentionally.

When I see a goddess or tree or conceptualize Mother Earth, I can’t help but worship those non-people with love also.  It’s not a cold or obligatory worship, but a burning need glows in my heart.  The love pours out, like molten honey-light.  My body is pumping out love effortlessly, impossible to stop.

There are lots of ways to worship–work, intellectually, give a bunch of money.  Ritual offering of light, sound, cloth, flowers, water, perfume, song.  Fasting or pain, some kind of sacrifice.  I thrive on ritual, but love is my favorite.

all one

We are all one–sorry it’s a cliche, but it’s true.  The separation between us is an illusion.  Just like time is what keeps everything from happening all at once, so the illusion of separation makes it easier for us to play with each other.  We’re really just playing with ourselves.

Hahahaha, yes.  I mean that.  Thank you for hearing my spiritual discourse for the day.  I need to go suck God’s dick now.  See ya late-ah, with advaita.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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