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worship of the breasts

I would like to invite my spouse to participate in this ritual worship of the breasts.  Ok, it might get messy.  Please have a soft napkin or tissues handy.

My vision for this ritual is we get into a frame of mind where my breasts are simultaneously my breasts and some kind of cosmic Great Mother‘s breasts.


candle and lighter

edible flowers





water to drink

worship of the breasts

My spouse washes my body in the shower, with soap and water.  Then we go to bed.  We’re both naked.  I sit on the bed with my back supported, comfortable.  We have the materials on a little table.

He lights the candle, and I say these words.

first words

My breasts are my own.  I was formed in the womb of my mama, and when I was a child, I grew these breasts.  They’ve caused me joy, embarrassment, suffering, vulnerability, intense sexual pleasure, physical pain.

I’ve enjoyed seeing my breasts as part of my body and in the mirror.  For more than 30 years, I’ve touched them and found comfort in them.

My breasts are my own.  Large, sensitive, abundant, unsubtle, valuable, and completely valid, in any size and shape they may be.

my own

I was taught in my family that breasts exist to please a man.  My mom’s body existed for the pleasure of men, and my own body would one day exist for the pleasure of men.

This is not true–my breasts are my own.  They exist for my own pleasure, and the pleasure of anyone I choose to share myself with.

That sacred duty of feeding babies and kids of my own body is nothing I’ll do for literal kids.  But my whole life is about love, tenderness, community, inter-dependence, chosen family, feeding hungry people, and anarchist organizing.  My breasts don’t literally feed babies, but I work to nurture life every day.  My body is part of that.

I feel concern for the health of my breasts.  My mom died of cancer at a young age, and her mom did too.  My breasts change as I age, and I honor those changes.  I choose to care for my breasts in these ways.


-I exercise every day to keep blood flow bringing nourishing oxygen to my tissues

-eat foods that have powerful healing qualities like blueberries and nuts

-learn more about breast health and the lymphatic system

-touch my beasts often and feel them for changes

-get mammograms as scheduled

-remain alert and alive to my entire body and its sensations and needs

Caring for myself is an honor, a pleasure, and an important part of my life’s work.  Please Mother God, hear and bless my intentions to be good to my breasts and my entire body.

cosmic mother

Just as I’m a unique person with actual breasts, I’m a manifestation of the Divine.  Durga, Kali, Adi Shakti, Mary Mother of God, Turtle Mother, Spider Mother, Jaguar nursing her kittens.  Snake Mother laying long eggs and slithering away.

Please, darling spouse, love me as I am.  And worship my breasts as the breasts of the Cosmic Mother.


Then my spouse speaks these words.

Your breasts are beautiful and bring joy to my life.  When we were learning how to be friends and I fell in love with you, I dreamed of coming on your breasts.  I’ve spent countless hours licking, kissing, sucking, touching, fucking, and holding your breasts.  Your breasts bring happiness to my life, and I will be grateful for them always.

Thank you for sharing your sacred body with me and being my family member every day.  I worship you as the person you are and also as Cosmic Mother.

We look beautiful in the flickering candlelight.  He kisses my nipples.


With this fruit I offer to your breasts, I honor your sacred fecundity and the wholesome, nourishing quality of your breasts.

He offers to fruit to me, and I hold it in my hands.

With this milk, I anoint your breasts.  I honor the energy and magic within that could form milk to feed babies, which you have chosen not to do, with complete support from me.  I honor your breasts and completely support what you choose to do with them.  Your freedom is sacred.

He anoints my nipples with milk, and sucks the milk off of them.  He holds the chocolate to each of my nipples and lets a little melt onto them.

With this chocolate I bless your breasts.  Thank you, breasts, for the rich, intense pleasure you bring to my spouse and the joy found in your abundant, large, sensitive goodness.  Then he licks off the melted chocolate.

With this honey, I thank your breasts for the sweetness they bring to you, everywhere you go.  These breasts have made you vulnerable, but they also represent your abundant love.  The beauty of your breasts, the comfort of your hugs, and the good example of your fat sexiness help the world.

My spouse dips a finger into the honey and paints some onto my breasts around the nipples and areola.

With these flowers, I honor your breasts and thank them for their service to the world.  He takes some flower petals and sticks them onto me with the honey.  He brings the candle closer and takes a picture of my breasts so adorned in the candlelight.


Once we were sexually partnered, it became my joy to masturbate and ejaculate on your breasts.  Tonight I masturbate and will come on your tits as they are, and as the breasts of the Cosmic Mother who gives life to us all and animates the universe.

He smiles at me and begins to masturbate.  I watch his hand move up and down on his dick.  I smile at him, and he enjoys my beauty in the candlelight.  He brings himself close to me, and he’s breathing hard as his semen spurts onto my honeyed, flower petal decorated breasts.

I hold him, and we kiss.  Today and always, I honor you and love you.

We cuddle, drink some water, and he feeds me the rest of the chocolate.  It was a good worship of the breasts.  He blows out the candle.  We return to the bathroom where he washes the semen, honey, and flower petals off me.  He has to take a shower too because all that got on him when we were cuddling.


How was the ritual? I ask my spouse.

He says he liked it.  We cuddle more, and he holds me as I masturbate.

Ritual can be a dramatic event we create intentionally for a desired purpose.  I like how it transforms me.  The ritual Worship of the Breasts helps me learn something.  I’m a slightly new person, having been honored as who I am and as Cosmic Mother also.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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