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A sex blogger instagram acquaintance of mine has a new book coming out, 101 Kinky Things Even You Can Do.  Here is a link to find it.

This instagram pic made me smile and think.  Cute good girl tattoos, and cool placement!  And the underwear with donuts–how appealing.  And the beautiful ass, and luscious thighs.

I have great respect for the work of this brilliant writer, and the work of all sex workers.  Thank you for your bravery and strength.  You tell vital truths many people won’t dare even whisper about.  For that you are a badass.


I don’t have any tattoos and have thought about what I might want permanently on my body.  Being a blank slate might suit me.  But I’ve fantasized about the symbols that mean the most to me, and how I would feel seeing them often on my body.  And other people seeing them.

I have issues with permanence.  Commitment means a lot to me.  I must admit I fear it, but I think it’s a healthy fear…

Getting good girl tattoos seems like a commitment to being subby, or a type of subby.  But I know tattoos can be obsolete by the time the wound is healed.  In fact, I’ve heard the idea of tattoos as artifacts.  Relics in the making, as we choose them and get them put into and onto our bodies–representative of a time period that will soon be gone.

Makes sense.  In 20 years, I would look at the tattoos I get now and feel tender toward the lady I was.  Compassion for my past self who didn’t know all the things I know now.

Yes, I’m imagining myself in the future, looking back kindly at the me of the past, who is the me I am now.   I love the imagination.

I imagine also the view of the one who sees these good girl tattoos from an intimate perspective, at a sexy time.  Are the tattoos instructions of what to say?  I would say it.

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