We were lying in bed naked, and I wanted to have sex.  But I’ve been moody, stressed, sad.  Sex seemed like work.  I knew once I got horny, I would be happy.  But my arousal was low.  I tried to flirt.

“Is there anything you want?” I asked.

“My dick wants to play with you,” he said.

“Tiddleywinks?” I asked.

“No,” he said.

“Jacks?” I asked.  I was thinking of Jacks like happy go lucky young men–Jack and the beanstalk, the Jack of hearts.

“Sounds painful,” he said.

“Well, you already have the bouncy balls,” I said.

He indicated non-verbally that his balls wanted to be touched.  So I reached down to hold them, moved them around in their sack.  He emoted like that felt really good.

fantasy of fantasies

He went for my breasts, but my nipples were not ready for that.  We cuddled more, and I started having a fantasy about telling him fantasies, and watching him beat off to them.

“Hey, I was just having a fantasy about you,” I said.  “You were on your knees, with your dick in my face, beating off, and telling me to watch.  And I was telling you my fantasies, for you to beat off to.”

“Sounds good,” he said.

“You wanna do that?” I asked.

“Yeah!” he said.  Yes, it works to flirt.

He got on his knees, with his dick in my face.  I kissed the head and addressed it.  “My sweet darling.  I love you.  You are so good.”

When I kissed it, my spouse made little appreciative sounds.  Of course, he wanted me to suck it.

sex dream

“Do you remember this morning I told you I had a sex dream about A?”

“No,” he said.

“Yeah, we were doing it, but we were wearing clothes….   It was the beginning part of sex, I guess.  There was this point where she told me she’d had an orgasm.  So then we were going to have sex more, but she got a text and was on her phone.  And I was like–uh, I thought we were going to have sex more.  She hurt my feelings.  I felt abandoned.”

“Aw!” my spouse said, caringly.

“No, it’s ok.  It was just a weird sex dream.  I wasn’t even horny.  It was just silly.”


He’d started beating off, but my sex dream hadn’t been all that sexy.  I think it was more about desire for intimacy and not being compatible.

“Ok, so are you ready for the fantasy?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said.

“I was thinking of that beach fantasy, the part you liked best.  How there was that lady who liked to watch me blow you, on the beach.  And you started thinking about her and wishing she would show up.  Every time I sucked your dick on the beach, you would be thinking about her and wishing she would arrive.”

He masturbated as I spoke.  My plan was working well.  I kissed his dick again, just the head.

“I really liked the ending part of that story.  But you said you liked best the part where she was watching me blow you.  Do you remember?” I asked.

“I remember,” he said.

guest room

“I’m going to move on to a different fantasy,” I said.  “I was thinking of that story where our friend came and you were doing it with her all night in our guest room.  I was thinking of how she didn’t want to come on your tongue, but then you took her out to dinner, and it was sweet.  And then when you came back, she would come on your tongue.”

“Mmm,” he said.  He looked like he might come.  He slowed down.

“Do you remember that part?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“And I was thinking also about that story where we were house sitting, and H wanted to do it with you.  I was in our bed, and you were in the other bed fucking her.  I was thinking of that part where you were making the bed slam into the wall.  And I was listening to you two doing it and masturbating, while I listened.  You were doggie style behind her, and she was surprised she started coming on your dick, when you were really deep inside of her, and I was coming too, while I was masturbating in our bed.”

Definitely he seemed like he would come soon.  I’d been petting and holding his balls.  They were all scrunched up, and he paused his masturbating.


I kissed his dick, and I began to lick the head.  He moaned–he really wanted to come.  So I took his dick deeper in my mouth, and I sucked on it halfway for a while.  Then I took it all the way, and he was very happy with that.

I blew him, and my neck was hurting.  I felt annoyed because this was what I didn’t want to do.  Lately my shoulders, neck, and jaw have hurt, more pain than usual.  So I’ve been trying not to blow him.

I stopped sucking his dick to tell another fantasy.

“Then there was that story that me and you and H were in the guest bed, and we all did it.  Then I fell asleep, and I woke up noticing that you two were doing it again without me.  You were trying to be really quiet, not to wake me up.  But then when you were going to come, it didn’t matter.  You couldn’t help it.  There was that time I woke up, and she was shaking on your dick.  And I would be half-asleep, listening to your breathing change as you were about to come for her.”

“Mmm hmm,” he said.

“God, I like that one,” I said.  I kissed his dick and sucked it again.

“I’m going to come,” he said.

“Mmm!” I said, my mouth full of dick.  I grabbed at his ass and hips, and I felt his dick spasm, as he began to ejaculate down my throat.  Tenderly, I held and loved him as he came.


“Did you like that?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Does your dick like me best?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“I love you,” I said.  “I live with you.”

The hugging felt sweet and so safe.  “I love you.  I live with you too,” he said.


Then he licked my left nipple and rubbed my right, as I rubbed my clit.  I came for him so powerfully that I was thrashing around and could barely stifle the yowls trying to come out of my mouth.  Gaspy sounds and truncated wide-mouthed quiet beginnings or endings of yells came out of me.

My hair gets really tangled, from rubbing on the pillow or bed like that.  That’s the thing I do that tangles my hair the most–my head grinding into whatever surface, as I’m tossed around by my orgasm.

Long ago my hair got most tangled from riding motorcycle.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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