beach sex

Here’s the promised beach sex fantasy I told my spouse, as he lay in bed and blindfoldedly masturbated.

beach sex

There was a nude beach, and part of the beach was designated for people to have sex.  You and I both worked near there, and we would meet at the sexy part of the beach so I could suck your dick, on our lunch breaks.  We had our lunch breaks at the same time.

The custom at the sexy part of the beach was that you could have sex privately, or you could do it more out in the open if you were ok with people watching.  We were glad to be seen, and some people did spectate the blowjobs I gave to you.

There was a particular guy who I began to recognize.  I’m mostly face blind, but his dick was distinctive, and he would always wear a blue baseball cap.

The first time I saw him masturbating as he watched us, I felt a shock of excitement in my entire body.  The blowjob I was giving to you became more intense and charged.

One time I noticed he was beating off and moved his other hand to the tip of his dick to catch the semen as he ejaculated.  That seemed kind and responsible; he wasn’t going to spill his semen on the sand.

Sometimes I would think of that guy and hope he would show up when we were having sex, to watch and masturbate.  I felt curious about him, but the custom was no conversation.


Then a lady would be there sometimes, to watch me blow you.   I was sucking your dick one time, glanced up, and felt surprised to see her there.  A minute later, she was gone.  She only stayed for a little while, like it was too intense.

But we liked her, and you started thinking about her.  She seemed charmed by you and your beauty.  She seemed to appreciate how you responded to my mouth on your dick.  Like she wanted a turn too.

She watched us a few times, and one night you were lying in bed, wanting her.  Your dick was hard, and you began to beat off, imagining her licking your dick, on that beach.

Your beach sex fantasy was easy to beat off to.  You imagined your dick down her throat, and you knew you were going to come soon.  You wondered what her name was, as you imagined pushing yourself a little further down her throat.  Then you gasped as you ejaculated.


Soon your work scheduled changed, and you needed to take a lunch without me.  You walked on that beach, nakedly gorgeous, and you were surprised to see that lady lying on a red towel on the sand.

We had never seen her, except when she was watching us have sex.  So you were caught off guard, to see her alone, reading a book.  She looked up at you, recognized you, and put her book down.

She stared at you for a moment, as your dick hardened and stood up, saying hello.  Then she smiled and rubbed her beautiful breasts with her small hands.  She slid her hands down to her hips and tummy, looking at you.

You were breathing so fast, you thought you might hyperventilate.  Your hand moved to your own body, and you comforted yourself, gently caressing your huge erect dick.  You saw this lady clearly for the first time, without me there distracting you with pleasure.

The lady seemed all about pleasure.  She moved her hand to her cunt and slipper a finger into the cleft between her lips.  You gasped as she spread her legs, and you could partly see her gleaming brown and pink cunt.

Yes, you were used to sex every day at this time–your dick was burning with sexual need.  You imagined kissing her and climbing onto her delicious body to fuck her like a wild animal.


The way she spread her legs as she looked at you, you felt clearly invited to masturbate as you watched her masturbate.  You began to rub your dick enthusiastically and moved a little closer to her, for a better view.

The waves were crashing on the shore, and you smelled the sea smells.  A random couple walked by and glanced at you as you beat off, then glanced at the lady on the towel.  You paused for a moment, your dick in your hand.  They continued down the beach, looking for their own place.

Faintly you could hear the sound of the lady on the towel as she quickly rubbed her cunt.  The quiet squishy sound of her went cunt moving around under her fingers was thrilling.  It got louder and faster as she neared her orgasm.  That wet, rubbing masturbating sound was extremely arousing for you to hear, and you came into your hand like the man watching us had.


It had happened so fast, you didn’t feel yourself make a decision.  She was there–your dick got hard and erect, you touched it, and before you knew it, you were ejaculated as you watched her rub herself.  You hadn’t experienced a choice.

As you walked away, semen in your hand and balls slightly lighter, you were filled with relief and a sensation of well-being.  You’d connected somehow with this amazing lady who you’d longed for so many times.

But you wondered if I would be upset.  Yes, sex had been a special thing we did together, at that beach.  Maybe it would hurt my feelings, that we hadn’t talked about the possibilities with other people, and you’d gone ahead to beat off with this lady.

You decided it was ok–it wasn’t sex exactly.  You weren’t really with the lady–you were standing several feet away.  But it was very sexual and something special that you and this lady had shared.  You savored it secretly.

That night you remembered the slippy sound of the stranger’s wet cunt under her fast moving fingers, and you beat off again.  As you came hard, you begged God that you would see her again.


The next day, you walked by yourself at the beach again and hoped to see the lady.  You tried to seem casual, as you approached the spot she had been lying on her red towel the day before.  But she was not there.

Then it was your weekend, and then our schedules realigned.  We went back to our previous routine of me blowing you, on our lunch breaks.  The mid-day pleasure helped sustain you.

You hoped the lady would walk by and see us.  As I blew you, you were praying for her to arrive.  Then you worried she’d moved away, and you’d never see her again.


But one day I had to work through my lunch, and you were walking on the breach and saw the lady again.  You were both surprised.  She smiled, and her eyes lit up.

She was even more beautiful than you remembered.  You saw tenderness in her facial expression and her entire body.

This time, she motioned for you to come closer.  Your dick was hard and pointed up again, happy to find this stranger who had been so kindly welcoming, before.

You were surprised as she got on her knees on the towel.  She grabbed your hips and immediately, she eagerly sucked your dick, taking it all the way into her mouth and the opening of her throat, like she’d wanted to for months.

You savored the feeling of her mouth on your dick, her mouth that had never spoken a word to you.  You gave yourself to her and the moment, doing this primal thing that was almost automatic.  She sucked on you, looked up at your face.  You thrust your dick deeper into her.  Then you planted your feet more steadily in the sand, as you moaned and came quickly down her throat, trying not to collapse onto her.

She let you come then pushed you away and didn’t want you to linger. You stumbled away feeling dazed.  Your erection slowly calmed, and the last drops of semen dripped out of you, as you saw at the waves crashing beside you.

Walking back toward the car, you wondered, Did that just happen?  And it was not safer sex–impulsive, you’d definitely broken my trust.  It was a weird, wistful combination of feelings.  Satisfied, joyful well-being with regretful, curious confusion.

the end

My spouse enjoyed the story–I liked watching him masturbate as I told it.  At the end where he’s coming down her throat, I looked at his dick and saw the semen spurting out of it.

Then I held and kissed him and put my hand on his balls, loving him and feeling happy he liked the beach sex fantasy.

“Do I tell good stories?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.

It’s funny I’m not a fiction writer.  I guess I’m only good at sex fiction.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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