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Yesterday we took my good friend to the airport.  Rides to the airport, I see more of the city than usual.  There was a billboard that caught my eye, as it was supposed to.

The billboard says, “Scream your own name.”  And it has a picture of a device.  The device is shaped like half an avocado.  It also looks kind of like a computer mouse.

It reminded me of a fancy vibrator.  I remember years ago, some high end vibrators that had a docking station and would be charged there.  They were designed for pleasing cunts and seemed luxurious.

Yes, going to the local sex toy shop years ago, there were $20 cheap ones, and maybe even cheaper ones, beside the lube display and bachelor party favors, like dick tiaras or ice cube trays that make penis-shaped ice cubes.  Uh, dick cubes.  Ice dicks.

Luckily, I never did anything like that.  When I got married, I didn’t need to celebrate the end of my freedom, and my friends had more sense.

rich people vibrators

Anyway, the sex toy shop would have the display of the rich people vibrators, which I would just avoid.  I was ever-poor, and a $20 vibrator would do the trick.  I’d hope it was made of ok materials and pay the poor worker.

At the beginning of this year, I bought a vibrator that seemed luxurious, and I reviewed it.  I still like that it’s blue, the dense heaviness, the texture.

I’ve come on it few times, but I value that it helped me learn something: as a disabled fat person, I need larger vibrators, easy to hold and get to my parts that want the stimulation.  Small could be useful for travel, but I’m arranging the pillows just so, and I have an extra long torso.  I got short legs and a long torso.  May be a genetic mutation that has a name, or special for me.

gap of sense

Anyway, yes, this billboard.  I saw the url was, and pink cherry sound like a clit?  Then I was like–oh, you would scream your own name because you’re making yourself come.  The device is a vibrator.  No wonder–ok.

My favorite Wallace Stevens quote is that the poem must resist the intelligence almost successfully.  According to what little I know about marketing, the advert should too.  They can leave a small gap of sense that the viewer needs to fill in.  If the viewer is curious enough to work a bit to fill the gap, the advert will stay with them way better.

I’m grateful that this billboard stoked thought.  I do not need a new small vibrator, or to scream my own name, though it’s funny to imagine.

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