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I love this queer art by the_papa_artist.  Please visit and support  This queer art feels so luxurious and empowering.  Sensual and realistic.

First I loved this one, Respect Sex Workers.

The pinks, the feelings, the tarot cardness, the art nouveau opulence.  Yeow!  So pretty, and the weirdness of the eyes.  It’s so skillfully using sexiness tropes, and for such a good result–so comforting.  Not cliche at all.  Emotionally nourishing.

I look at this art and feel safe and like I want to live there.  I relax.  Feels like home, a home I never had but always needed.


Reading the comments–wow!  Some people said like, “Why should I support sluts?”  The shaming in that amazed me.  Like what planet are you living on?  Sex workers are really considered trash by so many people!  Yuck!

I have a lot of work to do!  Yes, sex workers are valid.  All day, every day.  Yes, even that one sex worker you heard about who did an extreme thing.  Yes, even ones who have HIV and other illnesses.  Drug addicts?  No problem–valid, all day, every day.  Homeless?  Yes.  Queer, trans?  Yes.  Fat?  Yes.  Crazy?  Extra yes.

Abso-fucking-lutely yes.  Sex work is work!  If you really think you’re better for whatever you get exploited for, for money, you can go fuck yourself!  Or fuck a sex worker, and then blame them for being a slut.  Go you, asshat.

Sluts forever–sex workers forever.  Love us or not, please respect all people.

back to my story

Oops, sorry.  Got derailed there.  I also really liked this Demisexual one.  Probably I am demisexual, but identifying as anything under the ace umbrella feels wrong to me; I talked about it in this post last year.

This queer art delights me!  Hot human, sensuality, pretty colors, sweet style.  Ahh, please pardon me as I go look at this all day.

Deeeelicious!  Love it!  And then this autism one–similarly nourishing.  Can’t get over how much I love this.

We see the weird eyes, lovely fatness, beautiful rainbowness, person of color, solid steadiness, and I even like the hairstyle.

Yeah!  I can never get my double buns symmetrical, or else I would rock them often.  So very Nest, there.  Nothing of me wants to be contained, ever my hair.

thank you

Thank you for looking at this beautiful art.  I hope you get the chance to support this artist, other queer art, or make your own.

I love some straight cis white guys, and I must admit, they can take a lot of spotlight.  So it feels good to have intention about spreading my love and dollars to non-straight, possibly non-cis, non-white non-guys.

I would like to be inspired to make queer art in new ways and nourish myself with queer ideas.  I’ll allow myself to try tropes that risk cliche, since they will probably turn our my own kind of weird, whether I want them to or not.

Love to artists and everyone who shows me new things I never understood were possible.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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