my ass

My ass is huge and trustworthy.  Yes, my ass will be my ass, all day, without fail.  It’s big enough to confound chairs.  It’s hella pretty, though odd.

Odd with the lower, flatish wide part, and the upper part, also wide, which has a fat pad over my tailbone.  Also considered odd could be its lumpiness.  But lumpiness is probably common.

This pic, I asked my spouse to take, turned out even better than I thought it would.  Can you see the lumpiness?  Not really, huh.  Wow, que linda.  Large, curvy, substantial.  I love my body.

mammal friends

It reminds me of an elephant, rhino, or hippo.  Those big fat mammal friends who are so good and easy to love.  They seem steady and solid, like me.  Passionate, soulful.  Possibly dangerous, and full of magnificent gravity.


A manatee or whale maybe, also.  Yes, sacred sea creatures.  Valid, earnest beings who deserve every respect.

I took pics of my spouse also.  His ass is pretty too.  I wanted to write a post about his–its muscular goodness.  It sticks out more than mine.  He was made fun of, for his large ass, when he was a kid.

But I got distracted by my own.  Thank you for enjoying my Ass Meditation.

litmus test

My ass could be a good litmus test.  If you like it, you could like me.  I got zero time for people who are going to see me inferior for being fat, or for any reason, and treat me that way.  Sucks to be you.  We don’t need more of that, in this world.

If you’re going to favor small asses and always think thin people are better than me, please go fly a kite.

I’m never going to be a thin or average sized person.  Like my mama.  If I’m thin, probably that means I’m dying, as she did.  So kiss my ass goodbye.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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