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“Can you take a shower around 11, and then we’ll have our date around 11:30?” I asked.

“Sure!” my spouse said.

“Yeah, so when I lick your dick, it’s not too salty from sweat.  That would be my preference.”

I’m usually not a dommy person, so it was fun to make this date request.  Summer is here, and I didn’t want any hesitation as I went down on him.

sucking his dick

Lately I just want to suck his dick.  Well, I do other things too, on a date, like this.

He took off his clothes, and I was cuddly with him.  I was lying in bed, already mostly naked, which is my natural state!  I asked him a few questions about his pain level, in his feet and back.

Then I suggested he lie back on the bed, so we traded places.  He lay on his back, and his dick was sticking up bravely, as the rest of him rested.

I made sure he had a pillow for his head, and I got some consent, which is almost a formality.  He is all yes, to me.

“Can I…?” I asked, my hands on this beautiful thighs.

“Yes!” he said.

I touched and kissed his thighs, kissed his dick, kissed his balls, kissed and gently bit his inner thighs, and licked his dick, on the underside.  And I began to suck it.

Sometimes I stood up to stretch, as my own pain means I need to change what I’m doing, and balance the bending forward to his package, with reaching up and bending slightly backward.

But sex is nice, like that.  To suck his dick only thirty seconds or so, then stretch, ask him if he likes it, rub his chest and tummy a lil bit, then return to the task at hand.  Working up to something, gradually.


I pay attention to how he’s responding.  We have to be really quiet, because of community members nearby.  So I look at facial expressions, body language, all his motions, and small non-word sounds, in addition to what he quietly says.

And I attend to how his dick itself responds–how hard it is, if any pre-cum appears, how throbby it might be.  And I notice what his balls are doing, to know if he’s close to coming, so I can manipulate that.  I slow down a lot, if I would rather delay it.

leg shaking

His leg was shaking, as his arousal grew, and it was really hot.  It was his right leg.  I felt appreciated, that his leg was excited for me.  His leg would relax, when I stopped to stretch, then shake again, as he neared orgasm.

I wanted to rub his dick with my hand more, so I asked if I could use the bedside coconut oil, to slicken the rubbing.  That way, I could rub as long as I wanted, without making his dick sore.  He said yes, as he always does.

The coconut oil is nice because it’s food grade and ok to have in my mouth.  So then I can switch back and forth.

He came in my hand, intensely serious, then relaxed and happy.  I held his cummy dick for a while and said I loved him, then got a tissue.

I love to do that with him.  The collaboration is meaningful to our relationship.  I asked him to move over, so I could hold him close and kiss his shoulders and hands.  Being his sweetheart is my joy.


“Does your dick love me, today?” I asked.

“My dick loves you every day,” he said.

“Can I sign up for the next time you get horny, for you to do it with me?” I asked, wanting another date.

“You’re already signed up,” he said.

“Yay!!!” I said.

“You’re always signed up,” he said.

“Yay!!!” I said, cuddling him and kissing his cheek, grateful he chooses me every day.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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