unsent letter

dear Nest

dear Nest,

I see what kindness you did.  Giving, caring, listening with your body.  Being there for someone.  Doing love as spiritual practice, steadfastly.  I admire how completely you gave.  It was rare and gorgeous.

Then I admire how you pulled away, when it was too painful to maintain.  You tried many ways to adjust.  I admire your integrity.  Thank you for being honest and clear, even when it wasn’t easy.

People will understand and respect you differently.  How well they do that is never a reflection on your worth.  Most people aren’t skilled at seeing past their own noses.  I always understand you generously and respect you 100%.

Friends and lovers will come and go.  I love you unconditionally and will always be here for you.  You can always holds hands with me, go for a walk with me, touch my tummy.  These breasts are yours to stroke and nestle to.  I live with you–I sleep with you every night, sweetheart.

I like you very much and feel lucky to see your life unfold.  You’re a brave flower.

I admire your strength.  It’s amazing, how you’re scared and do it anyway.  You’ve made bright choices, these past ten years, which help you make more bright choices.  I’m proud of you for building a worthwhile life.

Your body is a sacred home; I love the way you do health and take your well-being into your own hands.  Many people try to push responsibility onto other people.

I love how you’re accurate in your perceptions, then responsible in what you choose, based on perceptions.

I’d give you bright pink and red peonies–I’d be your valentine, every day.

Please don’t get derailed from your smart plans.  You’re worth being kind to, prioritizing.  Please put yourself first, for a while.

You and your spouse are dazzling, a rare happy family.  There’s no reason to sabotage plans.  Please don’t invite non-purposeful chaos.  Give it five years, ten years.  You’re worth that.

I love you beyond love, dear Nest.

always your Nest Girlfriend

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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