erotic sock

“Can I put your socks on you erotically?” I asked my spouse.

Yes, we have done this before.  He was happy to agree.  Enthusiastic consent!  He handed me a pair of black ankle socks and lay on the bed as I requested.

“Why do they have holes on the heels?” I asked.  “Sharp heels?”  Each sock had a hole in the same spot.

He had no good answer for that.

“I’m going to put a sock on this foot,” I told him, touching his left foot.  I bunched up the sock in my hands and eased it over his foot, happy when it was easily on.

“Yay!  It’s on!” I said.  I kissed and grabbed his socked foot.  He emoted small happy sounds.

“Now I’m going to do the other foot,” I said.

“K,” he said.  He looked cute and cozy in the bed.

I wadded up that sock and slipped it onto his foot easily also, grabbed and kissed that foot happily.

“We did it!” I said.  I rubbed his bare legs and kissed them too.  His legs are smooth and beautiful.

He had an erection and moved his hand into his chonies to free his hard dick.  I kissed his mouth and said, “Aw, you love having an erotic sock experience!”

“I love you,” he said, smiling.


We didn’t have sex right then.  He finished getting dressed, and we progressed with our day.  I asked him if it was fun to have erotic sock times without it leading to full sex, right then.  He said it’s great.

An erection is a sweet opportunity, but not a problem to solve or obligation!  When I was young, partners treated me like that sometimes.  It’s been years and years, but healing is a lifelong process.

I like smaller sexy moments that give joy to life.  I used to think fun was an insulting way to talk about sex.  Sounded inconsequential and too light, for the intense experience.  But I take sex any which way, now.  Fun is an honor.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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