smut theory


I like it when he comes on my tits and then rubs his semen on my nipples.  Does everybody like that?  Well, I don’t need my desire to be normal.  That question is irrelevant–my desire is here to stay.

Communication is not the easiest skill of my spouse.  So I ask questions.  He is a good sport, answering as best he can.


We were having sex, at the beginning part–I asked him what he wanted.  His answer is usually that he wants his dick sucked.  Licked and sucked are the main things.  Or he wants to come down my throat, which is definitely a welcome, legit desire.  Or he’ll say he wants to come inside me.

“Where inside me?” I’ll ask.  He’ll usually say my cunt.

He tends to want the same thing, every time.  Still I ask–what if it changed?  I’d be happy to do something different.


Often I’ll ask, “What do you want?”

He’ll say, “I want my dick sucked.”

I’ll ask, “Who do you want to suck it?”

“You,” he says.

I’ll say, “Aw!” and feel loved.  It’s almost always me, which feels very sweet.  It’s been ten years, and he still really likes me.

Also sometime I ask, “How do you want it sucked?”

Usually he says, “Just how you suck it.”

I contemplate that.  How do I suck his dick?  Kindly, attentively.  With breaks–a minute in my mouth, and then I’ll rub it with my hand.  Another minute, taking it deep, and then he can masturbate for a while, letting me watch.

“What are you think about, as you rub your dick?” I ask him.

“You sucking my dick,” he often answers.  Or he’ll say he’s imagining coming down my throat, or coming on my tits.

“You’ve wanted that for a long time,” I’ll say.  Yes, one of the first times we ever had sex, he told me he’d been dreaming of coming on my tits.

Sometimes I ask him if he’s in a hurry.  He almost always says no.  So we can take our time.  I’ll rub him for as long as he wants.

He’ll say, “I want to come.”  So we will collaborate, and I get to watch him come, feel it in my hand or cunt, or take his semen down my throat like I enjoy.


He has a foot injury, and it’s been hurting for days.  We still go for a walk every day, and he thinks that’s best.  But I thought he should also try to rest and elevate it.

“I have an idea of how I can entertain you, as you elevate,” I said.

Yes, I was good at that.  I tried to make sure his left foot stayed up on the two pillows, as I blew him, rubbed him, kissed, and cuddled him.

I liked when he was touching my tits, I was rubbing his dick, and we were kissing.  Yes, he is the best to kiss in the world.  World champion kiss victor!


Another question I like to ask is, “Does your dick like me today?”

“Yes,” he says.  Often he adds, “My dick loves you, every day.”

“Does your dick like me best?” I’ll ask.  Oh, edgy question, Nest.

“Yes, my dick likes you best,” he says.

I imagine all the choices he could make and his dick could make.  All the people he could come in and with–all the things his dick has done, this lifetime.  How lucky I am, to be so chosen, by such a nice sweetheart.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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