science car ride

“Hey, are you going too fast?” I asked my spouse.  Felt fast.
“No,” he said.  He was driving 50 mph in a 45.
“Never a good day to run someone over.  Or hit a garbage truck,” I said.  We were quickly approaching a huge garbage truck stopped at a red light.
“Or jam on the brakes,” my spouse said.
“You could jelly on the brakes.  Both would be sweet,” I said, imagining the red jam or jelly.
“Both would get sticky at high speeds,” he said.

“Hmm, we should do a science study on the viscosity of my vaginal fluids,” I said.

When I ovulate lately, it seems obvious, as my cunt gets a surge of clear secretions, I feel hornier, and I come easier.  Some people try to predict their ovulation with various methods.  But mine seems unsubtle, like if I wanted to get pregnant, I could have unprotected sex a few times with that day or two, with a sperm-contributor, and I’d be set.

I’ve been thinking about that, wondering if my body is telling me to get pregnant while I still can.  Which of course I will not do.

“Do you know where we’re going?” I asked.
“Yes?” he said.
“You don’t sound very confident.”
“Yes!” he said enthusiastically.
“I’m not looking for confidence–I’m looking to actually get there.  There can be an inversely proportional ratio, of confidence and accuracy.”
“Hey.”  I felt uncomfortable because he stopped fast.
“Sorry,” he said.
“My guts don’t like the g’s.”
“It’s another science thing,” he said.
“What’s g’s mean?” I asked.
“Gravity,” he said.
“O, I love gravity!  Gravity is Jagaddhatri,” I said.
“Why is gravity Jagaddhatri?”
“She’s the force that holds the universe together,” I said.

“Do your balls need to be de-medicalized?”

“No,” he said
“Are you sure?  We can celebrate the lack of pathology with a certain…ritual.”
Maybe this science car ride happened because I’ve been working hard at physics lately, trying to get my spouse‘s dick inside me considering multiple disabilities and physical challenges, including two injuries I hope will heal soon.
I live so much in my inner life that it can feel funny, to address materiality, on a science car ride.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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