“What are you doing? I asked.

“Trying to get my underwear on,” he said.

“Do you need help?  Want me to suck your dick?” I asked.

He smiled.

“Is it hard to get your underwear on, because your dick’s so big?” I asked.

He laughed, and I laughed.  Eventually, he did get his chonies on.

laughing orgasm

The other day were having sex.  He said something wrong to me, and I started laughing.  I was totally shocked by what he said to me, so very wrong, in the wrongest way.

Right when I heard him say that, I started coming.  The laughter and orgasm were mixed together.  It was weird and lovely and difficult to breathe.  That was definitely the funniest orgasm I ever had.


Yesterday I was doing some food prep in the kitchen and asked him to hug me, from behind since my arms were busy.  He hugged me, reaching for my breasts, grabbing them.  “Hey!” I said, surprised.

Then I rubbed my upper ass against his package, in a humping sort of way.  We moved together like that, sweetly, for a minute.

“Hmm, this is a good hug,” I said.  “I wanna hug like this!”

He liked it too.  His dick got big, and I turned around to hug him more conventionally.  We kissed, and it felt great, to have a tender sexy kitchen moment.  But we were both busy doing other things, went our separate ways then, and we never had sex yesterday.

I like the energy, the sexy energy flying around all the time.  I like noticing how it plays out, over the years.  Some impulses feel more calm, but some are more intense than ever.

And he knows how to make me come, better than anyone but me.  I can do the same for him.  He’s fluent in my quirks.  So kind and helpful, on an everyday basis.

And he just keeps getting prettier.  Ah, I didn’t think it was possible.  I thought he had maxed out pretty, long ago.

But possibly I get prettier too, as I’m less controlled by fear, and a hundred percent more comfortable in my body.  Thank you to everyone who helps me feel safe to be who I am.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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