“Will you kiss my nipples really softly, like the dew kisses the clover?” I asked.  I needed gentleness, as I often do.

“What dude kisses the clover?” my spouse asked.

“The dew!” I said.  “You know. The water that condenses out of the air.  Like fog.”

“Oh,” he said.  He kissed my nipples gently, the way I wanted.


“What do you think is really cute?” I asked.

“What’s really cute?” my spouse asked.

“Yeah.  I used to think the cutest thing was a bunny drinking dew off a clover.  A four leaf clover!”

“I think you’re cute,” he said.  Smiles.

“Do you think a bunny drinking dew off a clover is cute?”

“Yes,” he said.

“I think I heard of that a long time ago.  It stuck in my head.  The bunny sips the dew, then hops away.  Hop hop hop!”  Maybe I read it in a book during elementary school.


“Then the other day, I thought maybe the cutest thing is a baby manatee drinking milk from a mama manatee,” I continued.

“Yeah, that’s cute,” my spouse said.

“Maybe we should see a picture,” I said.

My spouse was in favor of that.  I looked up nursing manatee.  Looks like manatees have nipples on their upper arms?  Upper fins?

I’m not a person who often looks at animal pics or animal videos on the internet.  It was different, to seek out nursing manatee pics.


“What about a nursing human?” I asked.  “What if somebody had twins and was nursing them both at once?  Would that be cute?”

Humans, that’s a person with a life.  I don’t want to objectify the person nursing her twins.  But in porn, or many ways, yes, pics of people–the people are not deep sacred beings, necessarily.  They are existing in that moment to titillate or amuse or get off on.


This post about clover is almost over.  I am so sad, suffering emotionally today.  This post has been sitting half-done as a draft, and I’m finishing now, to share with you.

I hope if the ideas are not as good as you like, the clover pic is enough.  Its green bravery is there for me and for you.  Love to you and whatever you got going.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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