mashing the buttons


“How does it feel, to be so beautiful?” I asked

“Good,” he said, half asleep.

“If I was so beautiful as you, I would wake up and be like–here you go, world!  Here’s me, bringing my beauty to you!”  We laughed.  “I would be so happy.”

His eyes were closed.  “Do you want me to pull you?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said.

I grabbed his left leg.  “You’re so pretty!” I said.  I hugged his leg.  “Here, give me your other leg.”  I pulled on his leg, and we struggled him to sitting up, then standing.

Yay, another morning we were lucky to both wake up and be people.  Not spirits flying around the ceiling, waiting for someone to open a window so we could find the sky.


“When I was a kid and I found my g-spot, I thought it was one spot.  But when you’re in there, seems like you find a few!  Maybe four spots!”

He grinned.

“You’re advanced!” I said.  “But you rub them like crazy!  I’m like–oh my god.  You have no idea how much sensation you’re causing!”

We laughed.

“You’re like someone who doesn’t know how to play Street Fighter, mashing the buttons,” I said.  “You can do ok for a minute.  Then your opponent looks over at you and realizes you don’t know how to play.  And destroys you.”

There will be no destruction here.  I was thinking of Street Fighter mythology and how different that was from actually playing.  I could do a fireball if I had to.  Yes, I remember that motion.

But I was the chaff of the tournament, mashing the buttons, until the guy to my right dressed as Zangief defeated me easily.

fun list

I am in favor of g-spot touching, sexual intentionality, asking for what we want, good communication, consent, trying new things, learning about our own bodies.

Fun, orgasms, sexual pleasure without orgasms, staying alive to new possibilities, sex research, changing our minds.  Newness, sex skills, practice, muscle memory, getting out of a rut.  Laughing during sex, fantasies, nonverbal communication, nuance-subtlety.

Sex treats, birthday sex, switching roles, gender play, listening, sexual generosity, sexual honestly, sex vacations, freedom.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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