why people like me

I was thinking of why people like me–someone on fetlife asked “Why do people like you?” as an open question.  The answers I saw others give were big boobs, big dick, round butt.  Eyes, good at sucking dick, personality.  One or two good cooks.

A few people answered “they don’t” like no one likes them, which is sad.  A long time ago, I felt that way.  Lonely folk.

I felt really surprised no one said intelligence, creativity, kindness.  Wow.

Why I like the people I like best: they’re really there for me, they understand me, they’re brilliant and make things.  Lots of artists and writers, gardeners, activists.  They have good values and want something besides the norm.

Really, there are enough yuppies, worker bees, bougie money fiends.  The world is not hungry for more of the same.  Is it?

why people like me

This is how I answered the question, why people like me.  I’m happy, my life is meaningful, and I have amazing projects. I stay changeable, I’m honest, I’m really good at love.

Happy is a well-being, not like every second I’m smiling.  But my life is good, through chance, hard work, smart choices, collaboration.

The projects I do are part of how my life is meaningful.   And just lots of love in my life.  Some kind people are there for me.

Staying changeable is important to me–I don’t get stuck in a rut, or stuck in a feeling.  I’m always learning.  Being honest is important so the intimacy I have is real.

And love is being there, helping others do what they need to do and get what they need.  I’m good at loyalty, listening, nurturing.  I’m a genius of love.

So yeah, that’s what people most like, I think.  My spouse likes my writing and my cooking.  How I suck his dick is good too.  But mostly my appeal is being a good person and my happiness, yeah.  I think people notice that and want to learn about it.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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