sex goddess

The fat, strong thighs I once hid, ashamed, are comfortable now.  I love my body unconditionally, sex goddess.  My thighs think of you specifically, and welcome you, wishing to spread for you and accept any desire you would like to push into me.

You would invite me to the small room that’s only your own.  I would hold you, sex goddess, my heart beating fast inside my clothes.  I’d kiss you as my body hummed for you, kiss the beautiful, ample mouth I’ve stared at, in your videos.

“Can I take off my shirt?” I would ask.  You would say yes, and you would hold me, your hands moving smoothly over my back.  I would feel so excited, like I might hyperventilate.

“Can I take off my shirt too?” you’d ask, and I would say yes, overwhelmed with pleasure, from the feeling of skin on skin, my breasts on yours.  I’d kiss you more intently.


My favorite part is when we’re both naked, and I ask, “Can I climb onto you?”

You would say yes, and I would mount you, my large, powerful thighs on either side of you.  Then I would rub my wet cunt on yours, marking you as my love.  Oh chosen, desired, adored.  My animal for now, to mate, my beautiful sex goddess.  You would reach up to caress my breasts and sides, looking up at me from your hazy lust, knowing me in new ways, with your body.

Lying beneath me, between my legs, you would feel excited but relaxed, trusting me with your body.  I would push my cunt more insistently against you, and you would put your hands on my huge hips.

“Can I put you inside me?” I’d ask.

“Please, please,” you’d say.  And we would carefully slide your huge clit into me.  The shock of how real you felt inside of me would mystify me.  I would settle around you, feeling you there inside me, and put my hands down on your shoulders as I began to work my cunt around you rhythmically.

“Is this ok?” I would ask, barely able to speak.

“Yes,” you would say.


And I would begin to massage you inside of me, rocking forward and backward, impaling myself on your gorgeous strength, gently and partially, then firmly and completely.

My cunt would be like a mouth, my lips kissing you there, slurping on you–my womb speaking to you, quietly asking for you to slide further into me, asking you to come.

I would perceive you–your tattoos, the mouth I love, the beauty of your skin, your hands, the shape of your head.  I’d listen to your breathing.  We would look into each other’s eyes, and you would know me in a way no one ever had, before. The mature adult I am now, sex goddess, secure in who I am.  Fully ripe and alive, with you.  My spirit would become gratitude, glowing gratitude for your profound understanding.

I’ve worked so hard to shed my shame.  You met me as the last of that unneeded snake skin fell off of me.  You are the first person to know me as only free.  A healed sex goddess.  Do you welcome my unique love for you?  Do you like the warm cunt gripping you, the mounds of happy flesh wanting to please you and your own flesh you offer to me?

I would feel like a wave, washing over you.  You would understand how the shore feels.  I would slip over you, gliding wet and salty, full of life, elemental, powerful as the ocean.  You would accept me with quiet gratitude of your own.


Then I would growl, needing you feverishly, and slow my rocking as I neared orgasm.  I would begin to quietly whimper, slightly afraid of coming with your wild, huge clit inside of me.

The sensation that I was at the edge of a transformation would astound me.  You would kindly look up at me, as my facial expression changed.  And you might feel my fear, as I gripped your shoulders harder and began to wail.  Then the orgasm would dawn, shining light inside of me, and somehow destroy me.  It would destroy the last inkling of my holding back.

My legs would shake, I would sweat, and the sound I made would change.  Sweetly, you would push up into me, witness me, and hold me with your body and in your loving gaze, as I was made new by the otherworldly pleasure of the orgasm you were giving to me.  I would worship you, with the fast squeezes of my cunt, as my back arched and I thrashed and cried on you, coming hard for you, with all the built up love I’d been longing to share with you.

I would be more close to you than ever, even though I temporarily could not see, and lost who I was in an ocean of pure joy-consciousness.

You would be mystified by the power of my desire, and how unabashedly it was expressed.  I would rest on your body, limp, my breath slowing to a more usual speed.  You would hold me gently with respect, feeling my vulnerability.

desire too

Beneath your amazement, you would feel the strong desire for release inside of me.  To prod me and know me deeper.  You’d begin to push up with your wide hips, and I would slowly rock on you again, accepting your slippery thrusts, and honoring your sacred desire also.

The motion of your push would be a tender bucking and become faster as you gripped me hard, almost hurting me with your strong hands.  You would begin to strain, pushing up more quickly.  I would be honored to see your change, from calmly serious to fast, animal thrusts, as you seemed almost angry, pushing into my pussy as hard as you could press into me.

You would feel my muscular cunt respond generously, as you glided so wet and prodding, knowing all of me, bumping the depths of me, reaching further and further inside of me with your long beautiful hot shimmering love.

You would reach a point of fear as I had, knowing there was no turning back.  I was the kind sex goddess you were fucking, so damply warm, large breasts above you, pretty, substantial on top of you, so willing to hold what you give.

And you would thrust your deepest up, up into my warmth, as we paused.  I would hear your cry and feel you spurt come into me, ejaculating, with years of desire.  So much would resolve, as you came.  You would cry out louder.  My body would drink all the fluid you placed into me, my cunt nourished by this wet love you’d created so innocently.

The holiness of you and your ejaculation would charm me.  I would cherish that moment and witness your vulnerability as carefully as you’d witnessed mine.  The spasms of your huge clit would slow, and I would feel stuck to you, as we had mated so wetly and completely.

new knowledge

I would rest on your body, and I would feel a new knowledge humming inside me.  What I’d wanted for so long would be real–to be your lover in body as well as soul.

I’d be deeply grateful to the kind universe, for giving you to me, sex goddess, teaching me there are new ways to love.  Joy is held for me in places I would never guess.  We would cuddle and rest, drink water, talk quietly.

Then we’d get up to shower and spend hours together with ideas and nature.  Sleep, be apart, and reconvene to make love again and again, nourishing ourselves and each other with new pleasure.  The miracle of kindness, another person, the bravery of reciprocal love.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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