sex as healing

sex as healing
the bold head and matching wings
form a plump wishbone shape
I would lick
until you shake.
please rest
in the joy of my care,
then come on my tongue
and learn my name
in the depths of your contracting vulva.
you gave everything
to many loves
who half-understood
and blamed you for feeling.
but I will hold your desire
in a new way
and support the sexual need
deep-known in the heat
of your completely honest body.
This poem about sex as healing describes an imagined scenario of being nurtured sexually.  It’s about being gone down upon, vulnerability, bodily honesty, love, and care.  Thank you to all who speak truth, open your hearts, spread your legs, take your clothes off, or otherwise do intense honesty in words or deeds.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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