two questions

My friend mentioned some sexual frustration, and I felt curious.  She mentioned porn, so I asked her what kind of porn she likes, and if it’s difficult for her to come.  Those were two questions.

Then I realized I should answer my own two questions.  So here I am, to blog what I like in porn.  And orgasm success rates.

In September of last year, I made a long post about my porn journey.  I list some porn I’ve liked, over the years.  I just read that, but now I will tell you fresh info.


Breasts are my favorite.  Big, medium, small, but more big.  Huge is nice too.  Drooping is good.

Breasts in motion are my favorite–swinging, jiggling, shifting, being rubbed.  Being touched, nipples sucked at.  Breasts being fucked, kissed, worshiped, ejaculated upon.  Breasts touching the breasts of another–yes.

If my eyes are looking somewhere, as I watch porn, you can bet my eyes are looking at the breasts.  I’m wishing for the soft sexiness against me, in my hands, pretty nipples in my mouth.  Or all that to be done to me.  Yes, sexy and comforting is my favorite combination.

I worship God as mother, and breasts are such a perfect symbol for that.  The nourishment potential and sexiness mixed together.  Above my desk is an art I made about what’s trustworthy, and the goddess in the middle of that art has four breasts.

feelings and words

The sexual pleasure is good, and facial expressions, guttural sounds.  A wail that changes pitch–I love that.  Or a whine or cry.  A whimper, breathing, sighs.

But what I like best is hearing words they say, the weirder the better!  Or even a nicely timed, “Do you like that, bitch?” can do a lot for me.  “Take it,” and “Do you like that pussy?” can be nice.


Sometimes in porn, the pre-conversation is great.  The curvy lady arrives in her new neighbor’s garage.  She wants sex, and he stutters, “You seem very nice.  But I…I have a girlfriend.”

At “girlfriend” curvy lady takes off her shirt, and her gorgeous breasts leap out, as new neighbor’s eyes widen.   His limbic system takes over until the desire to fuck her is all that matters!  Yeah, go team lizard!

So he resisted with honor, but seconds later his dick in down her throat.  I’m sorry it’s predicable.  The betrayal of the offstage girlfriend is delicious.  The hot seductive neighbor gets what she wants–practical future be damned.

I don’t know if lizards are good at long term relationships.  Lots ruined for an amazing impromptu 20 minute experience in a garage.  I can cheer and come as he ruins his life and hope it doesn’t happen to me.


A dick entering a cunt or mouth or ass–doesn’t do much for me.  Or seeing semen leak out of an orifice, I don’t much care.  Squirting–too messy.

Shaved whatever, I am not that into–I prefer more hair, in porn.  Hair seems cozy, to me.  Shaved can seem so cold.

Something I like is motions–so a fucking motion, of a dicked person who is on top, pounding into someone.  The motion itself, especially if there is a swivel to the hips, or something else that seems artful.  An expert fluidity.  Or the feelings combined with the thrust–seeing or hearing reactions to the motion.

Or if someone is on top riding a dick, and the grind of it.  The beauty of her movement upon the person below.  Intensity of the desire communicated through the intensity of the movement.  When the movement is frantic and when people shake.  The movement when someone comes, almost convulsive.


I’m disabled in a few ways and don’t have a fetish of disabilities, but difference is something I love.  So disabled, with scars, fat like me, or fat unlike me.  Pregnant, lactating.  Weird tattoos.  Less conventional beauty.  Something surprising.

Power inequalities can be appealing.  Outdoor settings.  But often, I can only get one weird thing.  So I can get a fat person, but not a fat person in nature.  Or I can get a pregnant person, but pregnant with really conventional beauty standards.

If I searched harder or was willing to pay, I’m sure I could find more what I wanted.  But porn is not high priority for me, right now.

There’s no formula for good porn.
orgasm answer

To answer the orgasm question, I am not always the best at having an orgasm lately.  What was once daily or twice daily is now more like twice a week.

Physically, my body can be in pain or muscles too tired for me to get off.  Often I’ll near orgasm, and muscles in my back, hips, or thighs will begin to cramp.

Emotions can be a struggle also.  Yesterday having sex with my spouse, a loud, repetitive sound started outside, and my PTSD was triggered.  I got angry, to live in a world where I cannot have what I need, and where I was abused so badly as a young person that some sounds completely derail me.

Also I got angry about culture telling me it’s my responsibility to heal my trauma, but culture doesn’t do anything to help me heal my trauma, or to heal the violence everywhere which is how I got traumatized in the first place.

The loud sound outside was hurting me, and that difficulty combined with other factors meant I was not going to come.  The sex we’d had so far was beautiful, but I needed to change activities.

two questions

I’m happy to answer the two questions.  Love to friends, the sacred, vibrant bodies of friends, myself, my spouse.  I hope you get what you need sexually and in all ways.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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