coconut oil

Coconut oil is my favorite lube, by far.  I can use it on and in my cunt with no problem.  I don’t use condoms lately, so I don’t need to worry about it weakening latex.

My spouse’s dick is perfectly great with coconut oil.  He doesn’t mind it at all, to slickify a handjob.  I can rub him as long as I want.  Then sometimes I’ll go down on him, and he’ll come down my throat.

Coconut oil is great being food grade and yummy in the mouth.  Smells like vacation, and I’m not worried about weird ingredients on my tender places.


I get a big thing of organic unrefined coconut oil–I used to cook with it sometimes, especially when I baked a lot.  Not lately.

But I dish some into a small plastic food grade box, as pictured, to keep by my bedside.  It smells delicious and lasts forever.  That’s a cool thing about coconut oil–it’s extra stable, so will not spoil for a long time.

In the summer it’s liquid–in the winter, it’s solid but melts in a few seconds in my hand.  I scoop out a small amount with my thumb and melt it in my hand, or on my spouses dick, or wherever.

Spit can mix ok with it, or I get a little more, if I need more.  Somehow in the middle of the night, last night, we were doing it.  And I saw the little box is almost empty, and thought of writing this blog post for you, with a picture.

more facts

Coconut oil is good for massage too.  I knew a massage therapist who used it at work.  He tried many different materials, and coconut oil was the best.

I had wondered how it’s absorbed by the skin, and would it fatten me?  Would it be part of my caloric load?  It’s fun to think the different ways our bodies use the materials we give to them.

Research I did years ago told me about babies who were massaged with coconut oil, and how they responded, weight-wise.  The bottom line was that massaging babies is a good idea!

My massage therapist friend had researched more than I had, and he said it was a totally fine thing to do and it didn’t fatten people.  Weird ideas about fat are floating around in the world, old ideas that don’t make sense, about heart disease and saturated fat.  What gets considered health fact is related to the corn lobby and big money politics, too much.


I will use these last bits of coconut oil in their plastic box to masturbate slipperier and have sex with my spouse.  Also I could put some on the dry spots by my elbows, before bed.  Or the dry skin places on my heels.

Bed is my favorite place in the world.  I wish I could invite you here.  Bed is sacred and lovely.  I dream here–I write to you from bed today.  Often I txt friends, sing, ritual, rest in the half-dark.

Love to you and all your lube needs.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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