pictures of me

I asked my spouse to take pictures of me–my cunt specifically.  I had not seen it very well in a long time.  This was a great idea, to ask for help and make a day of it!

long ago

When I was a young person, I used a mirror to look at my cunt.  That was before the internet was a thing, and before I’d had a girlfriend.  The only cunt I was playing with was mine.

I was like, “Wow!”  So much touching this place, feeling it, being motivated by desires pertaining to it.  But very little seeing how it looked!

I asked my spouse to bring me a mirror.  He handed the mirror to me, and I dusted it off.  He helped me hold it; an undiagnosed disability means my muscles hurt and weaken really fast, from holding something.  Also, I wanted to spread my cunt open and see it in different ways, so I needed my hands free.

So I saw into my own cunt.  This was partially inspired by that post the other day about seeing all those vulva pics on wiki commons.

Wow!  My cunt is super pretty.  Also, it’s not that strange, really.


Wow was the word of the day.  I am a remarkable person with unusual needs, behaviors, and projects.  However, my cunt looks kind of normal!  The outer part is what I would expect–plump–as the fat person who is me.  But the inner parts are just mostly textbook, I guess.

Part of my curiosity is I can feel my outer labia are asymmetrical, when I touch myself.  The left one is plumper.  I like to touch my outer labia, lying in bed, not to masturbate to orgasm, just kindly.  Feeling myself!  These lips make me smile.

But yeah, I saw all these cool inner labia on those wiki commons pics.  Some long inner labia, some furled and crenulated on the edge.  Pretty!

I wondered how my inner labia are doing lately.  The answer is that they are tiny, almost to the point of not existing!

And then my clit is big.  The clits I saw on wiki commons, they were mostly really little.  It’s not like I have a megaclit, but mine is way bigger than most I saw.  The glans part is big, but mostly those wing parts are really big.  So at first I was confused because I thought the wing parts were my inner labia.  Nope.

I love those big wings!  Looking at this diagram, I see that the wing parts are called, uh….the corpus cavernosum?  Or maybe the crus?

sex progression

My spouse, also naked, photographed my cunt for me, and he was aroused.  He would put his erection in the photo, and I was like, “Hey, what are you doing?”  We laughed.  His dick was photobombing my pics!

(It turned the experience into a porn shoot, kind of.  And later the light was still on, the side light, and I had a zoom with a friend.  I considered telling my friend that the lighting was weird because of the porn shoot my spouse and I had just done.)

After we had been having sex for a little while, I asked my spouse to photograph my cunt again.  Yeah, it looked plumper and redder, for sure.

Then after I came, I asked him to photograph me again!  It was really wet and looked different still.  The progression is amazing, to see what I’ve felt over and over again for most years of my life, almost every day.  That’s entertainment.

It’s funny I’ll scroll through my photos looking for something else, and glimpse all these cunt pics.  It’s shocking.  I never did that before.

the moral of the story

Please consider photographing your cunt, if you get the chance.  It’s good information and fun, to experience my cunt with a different sense than usual.  I like these pictures of me.

Today I was lying in bed naked, touching my pubic hair idly, feeling the mons, which I like so much.  Happy with my own body.

Seeing my cunt, such intimate pictures of me, helped me feel friendlier toward myself.  I hadn’t understood that part of its mystery was a little uncomfortable for me.  Seeing that it’s kind of normal was a big surprise.  Not that I need to be normal, and not that I’m desperate to compare my cunt with others.

But I guess–I love cunts so much, I’m happy to experience mine and others’ with all the senses I have.  Thank you to my spouse for taking pictures of me.

Love to the cunt-havers, cunt lovers, and all who emerged from cunts.  So almost everyone.  And then love to the left out people too.   I wouldn’t want you to be cold.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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