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I was looking at pics of vulvas on wikicommons for a while, looking for a vulva pic for the last blog post sex retreat.  At first, it was a simple photo hunt, for a pretty public domain cunt.  Hahaha, that should be my new name.  Public Domain Cunt.

It turned into something more, of course.  After a while, I was charmed, by the cunts.  So different from one another, and none looking like mine.

I have a cunt wild and cavernous.  My cunt is hairy, substantial–the cunt of a brilliant, lively, present, disabled fat person.  “Plump cunt,” it has been called, mostly by me.

These cunts I saw wikicommons pics of were mostly the cunts of young, thin people.  Many were shaved.  I could not relate to those cunts, but I loved them!  I thought a lot about how pretty they were, my impulses.  Desire to touch, lick.  Mostly they were closeups, so the cunts seemed sort of disconnected from their people.

Some were appealing; some seemed clinical.  Some looked sad, to me–shaved ones.  Those tiny bits of stubs of hair, that I thought would feel sharp to touch and uncomfortable.

Some pics, the lighting was horrible.  Some, the clit was tiny, barely present.  I love asymmetrical labia!  I liked the cunts a lot!  I got lulled into a porny feeling, some porny comfort, but I wasn’t masturbating–I was definitely interested, sexually, but I was not drooling with lust–more endlessly curious.  The desire to look and look.


My spouse wanted to eat a potato, for breakfast.  I asked for one too.  When he arrived with my potato, I was like–“Does this look like a vulva, or was I just looking at vulvas too much, and now everything looks that way?”

He said he had intended it as a vulva potato.  It was an accident, at first, and then he turned it intentional.  Truly, I was impressed.  I didn’t know he was a sculptor.

Art can have a message.  I believe I learned something about my spouse’s feeling toward cunts, from how the clit is represented by butter–that intense, yellow vibrancy, utterly desirable and rich.  Salty, succulent, fatty.  The finest sauce.

Isn’t it perfect?  The slit, the butter clit, the gorgeous messiness, how the melted butter is by the vagina opening part?  I think it’s beautifully obscene.

Please consider sculpting your food into sexy body parts for better nutrition.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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