sex retreat

Lately when I masturbate, I think about our friend coming to visit for sex.  Originally, she wanted to have sex with me and maybe become my girlfriend.  She’s never been with a woman before.  But it turned into wanting to try both of us and share something with both of us, in the guest room.  Like a meditation retreat, but a sex retreat.

She wanted to return for four nights, and not do any sightseeing or work.  She would bring some books to read.  But mostly she wanted to rest and find sexual nourishment with us and come on our bodies.  The sex retreat would feed her sexual well-being.

She knows me well but mostly my language and mind.  She’d like to learn how it feels to be animal with me, and more about how to love herself, by letting me love her, sexually.


The surprising part was how she wanted you too.  She would be masturbating, imagining being naked with me in the candlelight and doing sex in a way that was new, for her.  Then she would imagine you there too, and she would rub her cunt faster, alarmed at how her body responded to the idea of your body.  She barely knows you, but you have tons of values in common.  You’re a beautiful mystery she is confident is kind and worth it.

So she would propose a visit, and ask to make love with both of us.  Yes, absolutely.  We decided to have each day a similar plan.  She and I would have sex in the late morning.  I would visit her in the guest room for an hour or two, and we could take it slow, if we wanted.  I would be fully prepared for that.

Then we would make dinner in the afternoons.  We three would eat together outside.  Then when I went to bed, you would visit her in the guest room, and you would have sex too, possibly taking it slow also, and get to know one another that way.


In the fantasy I’m pretending there’s not a pandemic.  So our friend arrives, and our hugs are profound.  So much imagining and wanting, with fears about how things would change, and what these activities would do to our futures.  Big feelings arrive, and what new needs will we kindle?

The first night, you were just going to rest.  But she needed something we forgot to leave in the guest room, and I brought it to her.  We stood talking in the doorway for a long time, longer than intended.  So happy to see one another again.

Later, when I went to bed, your dick was restless in your pants, wanting the action of the sex retreat.  You couldn’t get comfortable.  She was thinking about you too and texted you, asking, “Are you awake?”  You immediately went to her, and you held each other for a long time.

Your clothes felt strange.  Letting desire flow from your heart and whole body toward this new woman who was not me was an impossible thrill.  Not knowing her well, but enough to be sure she’s a good person and brilliant.  The smallness of her body and non-disabledness.  New smells.  Her confidence I could never resemble.  Her trembling inside the confidence.

She has her own feelings, the desire strange and electrical.  She thinks you’re a man–your big dick pressing on her as you hold her would be enough, for her to think that.  But you’re so much more than that.

She doesn’t know you’re a divine being, a genius sex kitten, a soul-healing advanced nurturing Lover who’s capable of meeting her sexual needs in a way she could never imagine.  She has no idea what she’s getting into, with this sex retreat.  But she can tell it’s a lot more than she had guessed from home.


“Maybe we should light the candle,” you say.  Candlelight is important to the sex retreat.  The candle is away from the window and in a safe place.  It represents your attention.  You light the candle, and it feels good to focus on this small task.

You turn back to her, and your intentionality is delicious.  That moment, you choose her.  It’s almost overwhelming to her, that trait you and I share, of actually doing what we’re doing.  She’s used to distracting herself, thinking she needs to divide her attention or it will be too much.

You and I like too much!  That’s our favorite amount.

almost wrong

You hold one another again, and you slip your hand under her shirt.  You feel her smooth back, and the smallness of her is disorienting.  It feels almost wrong, as you’re used to my large expanses, like long desert views.

She takes off her shirt, and you take off yours.  You feel how it feels to hold one another, skin to skin.  It causes a shiver between you.  She pulls away a little bit, from your steadfast hug.  She looks at you, and you look at her too.  You’re smiling a little bit, and see her with your beautiful eyes.  Her cunt is aching for you, how different you are.

It’s ironic because you’re fully present with her, in a way she has never experienced.  It’s ironic because your whole life is about being connected with me, my well-being, our shared projects.  She’s amazed how you can set all of that down completely, and trust me to be ok, sleeping soundly in our bedroom on the other side of the house.  You are all about my safety, health, happiness, and getting what I need.  But just as you can spend your life devoted to that task, you can set it down for this hour and focus on this amazing new person.

All this is going on emotionally–at the same time, your bodies are pumping out hormones and chemicals.  You’re learning how she feels in your arms, how she smells.  Your body is telling you to trust her.  You smell her head as you hold her, and all the sensations are telling you that you’re safe, and your dick is safe to slip inside of her, wherever she offers, and push inside her repetitively, to ejaculate there.  Your entire being is saying yes, as hers is saying yes to you.

to undress

That first night, you both undress.  You are amazed at how beautiful she is, but it’s expected also, in the flickering dim light.  You make your way to the narrow bed and hold each other for a long time, getting used to the idea of making love.  She touches your hips and big gorgeous ass.  She feels your chest, and you kiss a lot.  Your dick seems off limits for now.  Her petting, exploring hands avoid your balls and the big dick that obviously is interested.

What you’re doing is mostly without language.  But after some sweet long kisses and gentle, curious cuddles, you ask if you can lick her cunt, and she says yes.  So you kiss down her body, feeling the smoothness of her curves and vulnerable places.

Then you kneel by the bed and kiss her cunt, with its wispy hair, smallness, and aching heat.  You kiss her pubic hair and think about ejaculating onto it.  She turns on the bed, her cunt toward you, and feels a moment of fear as she really wants this, but it’s scary, a point of no return.  Her excitement and fear mingle into an intense lust for you specifically.


You kiss her pubic hair and rub her legs with your hands.  You pet her pubic hair with your hands, and kiss it again.  She slightly pushes her cunt up toward you, and you are moved by her sexual desire for you.  You kiss her outer labia, and she opens her legs wider for you.

Her clit is peeking out, and you kiss it gently.  She gasps, and you kiss it again, then touch your tongue to it.  You gently lick, and gently lick again.  “Is that ok?” you ask.

“Yes,” she says.  It’s been so long since a new person touched her there.  She feels like she’s going to cry, not sure why.


You kiss her clit again, and kiss down her vulva toward the opening of her cunt.  She squirms a little on the bed, and her breathing has intensity.  You poke your tongue a little bit into her vagina.  She spreads her legs wider, pushing up again, wanting you there.

You push your tongue deeper there, your arms around her ass, the your hands on her hips and abdomen.  She whimpers, and you thrust your tongue into her cunt a few times.  Your dick is throbbing, as it demands to do the same, but you are not using that dick for now.

You kiss her soft labia again, and return to her clit.  You spread your legs, on your knees on the floor, and settle in to give a lot of love to her cunt and see if you can make her come.

“Is this ok?” you ask.

“Yes,” she says again, quickly, like “of course it is.”  You begin to lick more insistently, and you’re paying complete attention to how she responds.  You start gently, and respond to her breathing and movements.  You try harder, faster, and slow back down again.  She’s feeling so much desire to come, she’s silly.


You pause and kiss her inner thigh.  Her body relaxes, and she gasps, as the flood of cunt-pleasure dies down.

“Do you want me to make you come?” you ask quietly, looking at her face.

“Please,” she says.

“Does it feel good?” you ask.

“Yes,” she says.

You already knew the answer to that question, but you want that pause, a few seconds seeing her facial expression.  She looks serious and stubborn, her eyes closed.  Then she looks at you, and her look is pure love.

sex retreat

Sex retreat is a great idea.  The days pass quickly.  We learn how to nurture our friend with tender bodily love.  She goes home humming with happiness and plans to return for more.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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