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Hey, I’ve been considering attending some online sex events.  There’s a kinky book club I thought you might be interested in.  I love talking about ideas with people!  Some fiction, some non-fiction.

I’d like to learn about this stuff and be able to learn more, with other interested folx.  And maybe make friends with them, or at least connect for the length of a meeting, with more bdsm-enjoying people.

It costs two bucks a month to join the group’s patreon, to get access to their discord.   So…a little money!

I’m making new priorities and trying to figure out ways I want to shift how I spend my energy this year.  Sex events sound fun and the direction I want to go.

Originally I had thought covid would last a couple months.  I understand better now that the previous “normal” is not an option to return to.  So that knowledge can influence my choices of what’s important to me, to do.

zoom dungeon

I saw an invite also to a sex party over zoom.  I read the whole advert, saw the agenda, the price for it, and the process of applying and seeing if you can get a ticket to participate.

The event has different parts to it.  A performance part, a meditation I think!  Some talky mingling.  Then some exhibitionism opportunities.  And finally rooms to hook up with people in.  All with music, for mood cohesion?  Sounds appealing, in a way.  I would try that, maybe!

There were mentions of how singles would be kept to a minimum.  I guess the idea is not wanting random dudes just masturbating and saying. “Here’s my magnificent dick–please adore it, as your entertainment.”  The people throwing the party were trying to comfort the reader, that the other party-goers would be more than that.

Technology was a question, that the festivities would not be recorded, and all will be sworn to that.  The interview process is supposed to make sure people are legit and responsible, but sounds unlikely.  The event is promised to be few people.

main objection

The main objection I have is the pics of the entertainers from that event and previous events.  They were all thin and kind of cliche sexy looking people.  I would like some difference, and people who look more like me.  Maybe fat people, some visibly disabled people, queerer people, more people of color.

Another thin, able-bodied, cis white porn person–no thank you.  Not to say people of that demographic can’t be hot.  But it feels a little bit creepy, to me, if they’re all that way.  And also that I might not be welcome, as a fat person.

I guess I’m living in a utopian bubble of happiness.  I’m used to stuff more queer, homemade, and Sins Invalid, where I can be free and relax about who I am, and boring values aren’t going to bother me.

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