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what’s relationship

a previous, much shorter version of this was published in July 2020–I greatly expanded it, so here is is anew.

i used to think relationships were made of words, all language.  then i decided words are just little poop pellets that relationship leaves behind–mostly worthless evidence. 

then i thought relationships were soul level connection.  like here we are interacting with our physical environments, as matter.  but relationship is about what our souls are doing together in a slightly different dimension.  weird. 

lately i think relationships are mostly unspoken contracts we form half-accidentally, made of guesses and confusion. 

today i think a relationship is just juxtaposition.  here i am–there you are.  what are we going to do about that, considering our bodies, urges, pasts, needs, values, beliefs, expectations, habits, resources, fears, limitations?

i make people uncomfortable by speaking things they don’t want to discuss.  years later we might laugh about it. 

the sunflower dropping its pollen on the table cloth.  i say i love you to Mother Earth, the sky, my food, my own body, and friends who barely know me.  i always feel it, but words mean different things to different people.

mostly it’s about trauma.  i was very hurt by language–missing words i needed and didn’t receive.  so now i pump words out like magic food.

it’s like bringing a hard boiled ostrich egg to Burning Man.  it could be delicious welcome fun, a surprise out of the cooler.  or it could be a stinky trash no one knows what to do with, strapped on top of an RV the whole drive home, confusing.

thank you for accepting what i leave here and taking it for what it is.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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