my feet

I used to feel very private about my feet.  I didn’t want them messed with.  They seemed lowly, making contact with the ground.  Calloused, never super clean, vulnerable to a shard of glass or stubbed toe.  Sore, a lot of the time.  They seemed off limits.

An ex had sex with my feet, one time.  He fucked my feet in the bathtub, rubbing his dick between the arches.  I remember feeling the spasms of his ejaculation with my feet, a place I had never felt that sensation before.

I was surprised at how good it felt, and surprised he was able to come, as he had no foot fetish that I knew of.  We were young, and he seemed curious.  We only did that once.


I feel better about my feet now–better about my entire body and self.  I told my spouse I wanted to get a pretty pillow, maybe gold with gold trim, and tassels on the corners.  Then I could put my feet on the pillow, and he could take a picture for this blog.

“Maybe a red pillow,” I said.  “Red velvet.  We could probably buy a pillow like that, at some home goods kind of store.”  My feet could be queen–honored and chosen.

I can be so weird about buying stuff, reluctant about taking on another possession, to a weird degree.  I’ll buy food and art and books, but objects like pillows seem too much or not important.

foot shack

I have a fantasy about a porn site I want to make.  One component of it would be a foot shack.  The people who get off on feet could go there and have lots of joy, a variety of joys.

My feet are pretty.  I’m willing to film them being washed and cared for, toenails painted.  I’d be happy to film someone fucking them, or someone masturbating on them and ejaculating onto them.  No problem.

Some people get off on the shoes, so maybe in some of the videos, I could wear sexy high heels, or a variety.  I never wear shoes like that in regular life, but it would be ok.

It would be nice if someone kissed my feet, or massaged them.  Toe sucking is a thing–yeah, I could experience that, and make some appreciative noises.  I always want to do something different, with porn.  So we could do standard things, but we could do unusual things too.  I could take requests.

We could have a variety of people, getting their feet loved and come on.  Sounds fun.  Probably that already exists, huh.  I don’t feel up to searching.


I don’t have any tattoos, but recently I realized that I would like tattoos on my feet.  That seems like a great place for them, where I would see them every day, and they would be easy to hide also, if I wanted to.

I feel tattoos on my feet would be healing somehow.  Something sacred–where I connect to Mother Earth.

When I was a kid, I read a book about a woman who had tattoos on her hand, and it made sense to me.  Hers were some arcane language I think, in yellow.  Not sure why that makes sense to me–I can’t explain.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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