sex with you

“I really want to have sex with you,” I told my spouse.  Then I started listing reasons.  Here’s the bouquet.

  1. You are sexy and really hot.
  2. You are conveniently located.  The commute is short!
  3. I don’t have to worry about catching illness from you, really.  We are already germ bonded and fluid bonded.
  4. You are so kind to me.
  5. We know each other well and are great at collaborating and getting each other off.
  6. We’re fully committed to one another’s happiness and help one another on the path of life.
  7. Your dick is amazing; your whole body is amazing.
  8. I like coming with you.
  9. I want to be close to you my whole life and keep learning and changing with you.
  10. Being on a journey with you is my whole goal.
  11. It feels so good when you touch me.
  12. We already like each other and have things worked out.
  13. We got married and have community support for our relationship.
  14. I truly believe it’s better for your health to come and ejaculate often.  Prostate?  Endorphins, oxytocin?
  15. I need to come often also.  I don’t have a prostate, but my mental health requires it.
  16. Masturbating is nice, but I prefer interaction, with my action!  In theory, I love masturbation and want to be good at it.  But in practice, I can get bored, by myself.
  17. I want to keep our parts working for as long as possible.  Having sex still when I’m old sounds important, so I want to keep the systems lubricated.
  18. It keeps me alive.
  19. I love you.

“My dick is getting hard,” he said, as I spoke my list.  He was driving us home.


Having sex later, I told him I trust him; I let him do things to me that I never let anyone else do.  It’s a good feeling, to share a bed with someone who’s worth trusting.

But it’s also sad, because I wasted years with partners who were selfish or cruel, or just cluelessly not well-connected to me.  I wish I had many many years of doing more interesting sex as a young person.


The other day, my spouse was doing some weird stuff to me, like grabbing my abdomen around the uterus area, as he rubbed my clit with the other hand.  He was squeezing pretty hard, and I was like–what the hell are you doing?

But it felt great!  I thought he was doing some advanced esoteric yoni chakra massage.  Afterward I asked him, “What the hell were you doing to me?”

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“You were grabbing me really hard!”

“Oh, did it feel good?” he asked.

“Yeah!  Felt great!” I said.  “What was that?”

“I just made it up,” he said.  I guess he has good instincts.


The trust is also that he loves me, will speak up if he needs something different, won’t hurt me interacting with another person by under informing me or moving too fast.  He’s smart, skilled, and moral enough to maintain a good level of honesty.  He knows me well enough to know what I need, and he’s equipped to give it to me.

So yeah, I ask him to give it to me.  This morning he seemed very serious.  He sleepily reached for me and was touching my tummy.  I moved his hand to my cunt–I was naked after a shower.

“Do you like the furiness there?” I asked him.  He said yes.  “It’s available to you,” I said.  “I would let you fuck me however you wanted to.  For one minute.  For many minutes.  As hard as you wanted.”

I guess I was flirting with him.  Sometimes I wonder what that is.  Maybe it was too explicit to be flirting, but something about my tone.

I’m sorry you didn’t get enough sleep last night.  I love you, sweetheart.  Thank you for accepting what I offer and enjoying it.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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