request for requests

Hey, thought I’d ask you if you want to ask me anything.  This is my request for requests.

You could ask about sex, love, disability, BDSM, healing, non-monogamy, my past.  My relationship with my spouse, or with anyone.  Fatness, loving myself and my body, my experiences with autism, being crazy, trauma.  Ethics, morality, paganism, goddess worship, hedonism, being kind.  Community, support, anarchy, gender, my cunt, my breasts–anything.

So yeah, you can comment here, to ask.  Or you could email me, at nestnestnestnestnest at gmail.

I asked my spouse the same question.  He said he couldn’t think of anything right then, but said he would get back to me.

lace example

Recently I was on a zoom for bisexual people.  It was my first time with that particular group.  There were two women, one nonbinary person, and the rest men–mostly middle aged and elder men.

I was wearing a teeshirt and then my favorite dark red lacey shirt over it.  It might be lingerie, but I like to wear it as a shirt, in the cooler months.  It was an impulse buy a year ago.

Right away on the zoom, a man with long gray hair asked me a question.  “I have a question about your shawl,” he said.  “Is that lace?”

“Yeah,” I said.  “It’s lace, but it has a stretchiness to it.”  I tried to demonstrate, lifting the shirt away from my shoulder and pulling on it, but I don’t think he could see.  “It’s really comfortable.”

“It like it,” he said.  “It’s very pretty.”

“Thank you,” I said, slightly confused.  I had never experienced being questioned about my clothing, in a zoom before.  But yeah, I love that shirt, and I guess he did too.

Later I told my spouse about the lace question, and he enjoyed the story.  “Probably that guy is beating off right now, thinking about me wearing nothing but that lace shirt,” I joked.

I imagined the boomer zoomer, with his pretty gray hair, lying in bed, coming in his hand, about me.  “Or maybe he wants to wear a lace shirt like that, and is looking up where to buy one for himself, right now.  Who knows.”

The question asker was respectful, and probably the most interesting person on the whole zoom, to me.  It was strange, and I liked it.


So yeah, you could even ask me a question about my clothes.  There are a lot of options.  Thank you for considering my request for requests.

This shawl for sale on etsy is not like the lace shirt I was wearing, but I love its name: Stars Are Just Old Light.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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