golden rabbit

This poem “golden rabbit” is about open relationship and whether we admit that we’re free.

golden rabbit

Every relationship is an open relationship.

It’s a matter of whether

you admit you are free.

Old friend was standing in the kitchen–

I was wearing that yellow dress

men get excited by.

He looked at me, and I saw his eyes

widen because I was desirable

to him for the first time.

I can’t remember what he said.

We didn’t have sex then,

but we’re both still alive.


Every relationship is an open relationship

in the sense that you are probably not

with your partner 100% of the time.

The beautiful grocery bagger,

one second of eye contact.

You could have fucked her 

a thousand times.  Maybe when

you fuck your partner that night

or any night, it’s that grocery bagger 

your dick is pushing up into

over and over until you gasp

and ejaculate deep against her cervix.


The imagination is where the most important

things happen, right.

Even getting married, having a baby,

finishing a marathon, breaking ground

on a new pineapple garden–

you do the physical act,

but you’re doing it inside.

We have a recording of the ceremony,

but in my heart I was tying a knot.

In my womb, I was promising to love him.

The outside part could be measured.

The inside part is infinite. 


Every relationship is an open relationship,

but honesty can be very rare,

like the golden rabbit I see hop

behind a rock, and zoop–it’s gone.

It could last, or it could not last.

If we pretend our hearts and genitals

are locked up caged organs,

we’re the ones 

who tricked ourselves.

I choose my spouse every morning.

I could go for a walk and keep going.

When he comes home, I say, 

“Thank you for coming home.”

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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