kissing his balls

Kissing his balls is my favorite thing to do, lately.  Not sure why they’re so appealing to me, now.  Soft, vulnerable, they smell good, a pleasure on my lips and my face.  He seems to enjoy it also.

I’ve been with him for eight and a half years.  You’d think I’d have noticed his balls, before.  Well, I’ve always liked them, but not so much as this.

I ask him to lie back on the bed and spread his legs.  His legs work different from mine, not spreading so easily.  Maybe because I’m a slut, and have spent so much of my life with my legs spread open, to accommodate many, or touch myself–I have a ton of practice.  I like my legs, wide open, ready, and willing.

Also, when I was a girl, I was in gymnastics for a while.  I enjoyed the stretches best–I was extremely flexible.  My spouse didn’t do gymnastics.  He is considered a man by most, was raised as a boy, and has quite a package.

down to business

Then I kiss his balls for a long time.  His erect dick wants attention, but I ignore that for a while, or push it back out of my way, to kiss his balls slowly and lovingly.

Kissing them fast too, fast little kisses.  Back and forth between balls.  I touch his thighs with my hands.  He relaxes and seems very happy.

Maybe I love kissing his balls so much lately because they’re kind of like breasts–soft, comforting, beautiful body parts that are a pleasure to be near.  In a pair.  Two lovely balls to care for with my mouth.

Sometimes I put a pillow under his ass to change my angle of approach.  I like the variety.  His balls can be loose and big.  Or they can be more pulled into his body, with the skin scrunched up.


Then I move to his dick.  You must’ve known this was coming.  Hahaha–made a funny.

I nuzzle it, snuzzle it, kiss it too.  I kiss its head non-committally.  Then I might go back to his balls for a while.

Then, returning to his dick, I lick it, kiss the base of it on the underside, lick the whole underside.  By then he is emoting with a lot of joy, usually.

Then I pop the head of his dick into my mouth, and I blow him, in the ways you would probably expect.  I stop to kiss his balls some more, rubs my tits on his entire package, and blow him some more.

Probably I enjoy blowing this person inordinately.  That means I can never be ordained.  I worship at the church of his body too much.  Or I could only be ordained as a priestess of dick?

I never liked sucking dick, with other people.  It felt like a chore.  These eight and a half years, my spouse and I have learned to collaborate very, very well on almost everything, including sex.  Sucking dick is one of my favorite things to do.


Hopefully I will keep loving and kissing his balls a lot.  I hope his parts keep working well for a long time.  But there are always activities that don’t require hard parts.

I think about losing function.  He is ten years older than I am.  If his dick stops getting hard reliably, there are many other things to do.  This has been the Era of the Package, but we could transition to other eras, like the Era of the Breast Orgasms, more sex rituals, or if I started letting him go down on me more.

Love to the sweet spouse and everyone who nourishes me and helps me be a happy person who can have a full life of many varied pleasures.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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