erotic experience

“Can I put socks on you, as an erotic experience?” I asked my spouse.  He had been in his office, where there is no heater, and he was cold.

“Yes,” he said.  We were smiling.

“Will it be an erotic experience, or a logistical experience?” I asked.  “Maybe we can see how it is.  Here, can you lie down?  Are these socks ok?”

I showed him a pair of brown socks I’ve never worn.  They seem thick, two shades of brown.  Soft, beautiful.

“Yes,” he said.

“Ok, take off your shoes.  Can you scoot back?”  He scooted back on the bed.  “Farther,” I said.

He made a panting sound, like it tired him to scoot back.  “Yeah, life is hard, isn’t it?  Life is really tough, when people who love you make you lie on a bed and put socks on you erotically, huh?”

We were laughing again.  “Do you need me to turn them inside out?” I asked.

“No,” he said.  Maybe he doesn’t have autism or sensory issues, my lucky sweetheart.

I bunched up a sock in my hand, and started putting it on a foot.  I pushed and got it over his heel.  Suddenly, it was on!

I kissed his socked foot and held it lovingly.  “How was that?”

“Good!” he said.

“Are you ready for the other one?”

“Yeah!” he said.

Then I did the same to the other foot.  He really liked how it felt, when I grabbed his feet and held them lovingly.  While I socked the second foot, the first was on my chest.  Felt sweet.


He made some moaning, orgasmic sounds.  “Ahhh!  That feels so good!” he said.  He moaned loudly.

“Hey!” I said.  “Quiet down!”

“Why?” he asked.  “It feels so good…!”  He was slightly rolling around, in ecstasy.

“They’re going to hear you and think I’m sucking your dick!” I said.

“My feet are so warm now!” he said.  He seemed extremely happy to wear these socks.


This was a fun semi-erotic experience because I love his beautiful feet, but I don’t interact with them a lot.  It was a joy to give love to him, and do something different, and finally someone’s wearing those pretty brown socks.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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