I made some art depicting myself, yesterday.  In the bathroom I stood naked at the mirror and drew myself with sharpie, on a piece of cardboard I’d painted lavender.

The plum sharpie ink is kinda my body, and the orange is my energy.  Probably you could guess that.  Heart energy, cunt energy, tummy energy, and third eye energy are the ones that spread out.

“That’s not what your hair looks like,” my spouse said, when I showed him this art.

“No, that’s not how it really looks,” I said.  “But that’s how it looks in this art.”  Otherwise, he liked it.

someone else’s art

This artist Taynee Tinsley makes art that I love so much because it feels healing to me.  I love depictions of beautiful naked fat bodies.  My mind is full of images of thin people, from a lifetime of common media.  But I’m fat, and fat is ok.

I also like the nature themes, sexuality, parenting, babies, and breasts.  You know me–breasts are my favorite thing in the world.

I tried making a huge order months ago, only to discover when I went to pay that there was no overseas shipping.  But the artist has overseas shipping lately, so I was able to make a huge order this morning, successfully.  I’ve never spent that much money on art, before.

Taynee Tinsley
[Screenshot of website of Taynee Tinsley art of naked people.]
My favorite is the masturbating person with a rainbow leaping out of her ostensible cunt, but I like all of them.

What do you think?  More naked people, more fat naked people, more breasts, and more choices, please.

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