transness is desirable

I’m loving trans friends, of the present and the past.  Here are some thoughts for Trans Day of Remembrance.  Transness is desirable.

thank you

Thank you to my trans friends and partner, for being close to me and sharing your reality with me, which is a reality as valid as any.  Maybe more valid.

I want to live in a trans world–I need trans queer freedom.  Gender anarchy is my favorite.  Heteronormativity is so fake, so much of the time.  I want difference, options, choices, honesty.  We all need those things, cis and trans alike.

You are valid and worthy.  I’m sorry the world hurts you.  To help make a world of respect and true love is my biggest life project.

Here are some ways I like to do the work of making the world better for trans people, including my spouse, who is nonbinary.

to do for trans people
  1. Speaking truth in my writing and in person, as I can, about transness being real, valid, and desirable.
  2. Respecting all people of all genders, and respecting all genders.
  3. Loving sex workers of all genders.
  4. Keeping myself and my spouse as well as possible, so we can continue doing mutual aid and service for all genders of people.
  5. The hungry and homeless people here need to eat, and I enjoy feeding trans people who are hungry.  Even if they think I’m a cis-het Mormon because I dress frumpy.
  6. I liked supporting the local trans center with donations and attending their events.  Unfortunately, that trans center is no longer.
  7. Supporting Disability and Sexuality Access Network, an org that works for justice at the intersection of sex and disability.
  8. Standing up for all queers ideologically in my community, and reminding my community of my queerness over and over again so they can’t “forget.”

I don’t like candlelit vigils or hearing a long list of names that upsets me to nonfunctional.  But I enjoy doing more practical stuff to improve the world.


I forgot to say that transness is desirable, but also, trans people are the hottest people ever.  By transness being desirable I mean ideological desirability and true welcome-ness at the table of humanity.  But also I mean sexual desirability.  Yes, please.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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