unsent letter

singing your name

dear Friend,

sometimes I’ll be lying in bed, sleepy.  I’m naked and safe, holding myself to myself.  my heart is with you, though you’re far away.  every cell in my body starts singing your name.  my cells are humming at a frequency that’s for you. 

I don’t know if you can hear them.  you keep talking to me, so maybe you like the song.

I long for you in a way that feels happy.  the longing is a pleasure in itself, a yellow-orange sweetness for exactly you.  your brilliance is wanted, deeply poured inside me.  

I want to hold you for a long time, to make an intentional relationship with you.  I want you to hold me, as I come on your kindness.  truly, I want to mingle something of me with something of you.  for a few moments or a long time.

every part of my body is asking for you, politely or insistent.  my body asks my language-parts to tell you about it.  I respond to my body, 

“he’s far away; he may or may not visit here.  he never said he wanted you.”  

my body tries other options, but doesn’t forget about you.

I would lay myself at your feet.  I would be the offering; maybe you would accept.  to give myself to you nakedly, I could relax.  it would be up to you, what you did with the gift of my being.

as fall arrives, my desire for you is more complete.  knowing you is my pleasure–sharing the prayers of our words.  all this food, I could give to you.  I wish you were hungry for these flavors and textures.  

sometimes I think you consider me too much and don’t know what to do with my crazy.  or I’m too fat, and you want a regular-sized, regular lady.  

please come here and figure it out.  something wants to change.  maybe I’m not what you need.  you’ve had a while to see if you like me.  maybe your body would like to be part of the decision.  

my body is already in love with you.  it’s given you all the flowers of the world, singing your name.  it knows you already.  

I respect your choices, and if you want the life you already have.  maybe you’d enjoy learning something, when your body is with my body.

thank you,


By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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