phone cuddle

I made a meme about phone cuddle.  I’ve been thinking about phone cuddle for a long time.

The above meme was partly inspired by this simple meme I saw on a friend’s facebook.

simple meme
[White text on black background reads concept: A booty call, but instead of sex, they just hug you, pet your hair, and tell you that you’re enough.]
I need a lot of options.  Phone sex, phone cuddle, letter sex, email cuddle, flirtation.  Chosen family, moving fast or slow, intentional community, rituals.  Something more than friends and less than partners–I find myself there a lot.  Making a new path can be rewarding and exhausting.

I believe others need a lot of options too, but maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe they’re cool with a semblance of monogamy and whatever regular child-having stuff.  Marrying, having kids, taking a spouse’s abuse for as long as you can, then getting divorced seems pretty standard.  Do people really want that?

self-care is community care

I’ve heard self-care is community care.  I like interconnection.  Being helpful to others is a great idea, but maybe I’m too different.

Trying to help the world can be confusing.  Sometimes I think regular people get the world they deserve–who am I, to try to improve things.

Maybe I’m presumptuous to believe I could help at all, like a jackass missionary, traveling to a distant land and trying to give everyone a toothbrush.  I will build you a church.  Oh wait, you worship in nature.  Well, maybe you’d like a church for when it’s raining.  Let me build a building that looks different from all the other buildings here, and make you help me.  It’ll be fun.

I definitely feel like a jackass, at times.  Maybe phone cuddle doesn’t exist in this culture because very few people need it?  At the very least, I can try to make more options for myself–I need it.

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