cunt magic

A cunt is an amazing organ.  I love cunt magic.  I was taught mine was shameful–that cunts are an obscene embarrassment.   But then I grew up and could make choices about my own body and change how I feel about it.


I’ve been thinking about that word envaginate for a long time.  As in, “I envaginated it.” 

I like how it’s an action word.  Cunts are often thought of as receptive, taking what’s given, penetrated. 

But I like envaginating as an intentional thing that I do, taking something into me.  Surrounding it for a purpose, powerfully.  I choose to take that into me.  I will envaginate it with love.

phagocytosis interlude

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked my spouse.

“Yeah,” he said.  He was standing in the kitchen, stark naked, using a knife to try to open a package of frozen fish.

I stood up and stretched.  “What do you call it when a cell, like, surrounds another cell, to eat another cell, or eat anything?” I asked my spouse.

Phagocyctosis,” he said immediately.  He wasn’t looking at me–he was messing with the plastic of the wrapper he was encountering.

“Wow!” I said.  Then I went to him and kissed his bare shoulder.  “I knew there was a reason I keep you around!  You’re amazing!  Thank you!”

He grinned.

“I feel like there should be a partition here!” I said, motioning between the knife and his dick.  “Be safe!”

He kept manipulating the plastic.

“I know you always have that thing.  But I don’t usually see a knife and your dick at the same time,” I said.

I watched him cut the plastic in the place he wanted to cut it.  Then he was done with the knife–his dick was safe.


Back to my treatise!  I never heard anyone else say “envaginate.”  I’d only hear myself say it mostly in my own head.  I guess I made it from the Latin. 

A google search tells me that other people do say “invaginate,” with an i.  There’s the meaning how I mean it–to surround–but then another meaning too, which is to make into a vagina.

I’ve always thought of “envaginate” as starting with an e.  Like envelope.  My birth canal / vagina / tunnel of love / hole / tube-ish cuntpart is like an envelope, kind of.  It can contain things and let them go. 

With the lovely E energy.  I is intrusive, pokey, so straight and sharp!  E is more complex and lovely.  E is wonderful–nuanced, welcoming.  An i is not appropriate for cuntstuff. 

My cunt is valid in itself, but it’s also potentially a container, to contain things temporarily.  A dick, a traveling baby, a dildo or vibrator, a stick of wood, a finger or two.  Products to absorb menstrual fluids.  Menstrual fluids. 

My cunt can take on something for a few minutes or hours.  Feels flexible and welcoming, like me.  Very trustworthy organ.  Thank you, cunt.

But the envelope comparison is not quite right, as envelopes are often thrown away.  They’re the wrapper, damaged in transit, marked with a postmark, bumped in machinery.  They’re not the valuable content.

A cunt is a content…that can contain.  Yeah, I guess it’s more complicated than envelopes.  But I love envelopes.  They are so cute and helpful.


A nest is not to live in long term.  It’s for a specific chick-rearing purpose.  Raise the chicks till they fly away.  Or maybe predators will take all of them. 

The nest could get blown out of the tree and dumped.  Sacred, beautiful eggs could rest in a nest, but they are fragile.  Mourn the loss of the eggs, but there will be more eggs. 

Eggs exist to be broken.  The pristine, gorgeous egg shell made of calcium curve wasn’t made to stay pristine, but to crack and be crushed.  Fragmented brittle shell forgotten on the ground, trash.

Hmm, what am I talking about.  Not really eggs, nests, or cunts.

cunt magic

Cunts feel kind of safe, to me.  Inner is my favorite.  I love cunt magic–that’s the kind of witch I am.  Nesty–thus the name.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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