There’s some reason I have to leave town.  Our good friend has left her husband, finally.

She wants to have sex with you.  I don’t blame her.  She’s seen your sexiness and kindness to me, over the years.  She’s masturbated, thinking of you, and realized her approach to men and relationships is entirely wrong.

You are dazzlingly attractive, in a way that’s not the pushy, entitled ass-ness of her husband.  You’re confident, but never at anyone else’s expense.  Generosity comes easily, to you.

Our friend is finally free and wants to know what it’s like to be fucked by someone very powerful yet kind.  She’s ready for your unique love.

You are definitely interested and rent an airbnb cabin, the one you and I like to retreat to.  You invite her for a weekend with you, while I’m gone.  She says yes.


You drive to her house and pick her up.  At the door, you hug awkwardly.  Her mom is going to watch the kids.  She feels selfish to leave.  But she prepared really well, even planning what they would eat, while she was gone, and grocery shopping for them.

Your dick is already stiff in your pants, as you help her put her bags into the car.  You’re anticipating all the good sex your dick will enjoy this weekend, with this beautiful, energetic friend who has interested you for years.

“How are you doing?” you ask her.

“Oh, pretty good!” she says.  “A little bit nervous.”

“About the kids?” you ask.

“Yeah, I just hope they’ll be ok,” she says, and explains some recent family drama, which you listen to quietly, getting on the freeway.  Then you put your hand on top of her hand, and she holds it.

She doesn’t explain how she’s nervous to make love with you, and learn the body and heart of a new person.  She’s ready, but it’s a big deal, to be so vulnerable.  Previously she’d believed in monogamy, and it’s new for her to have sex with a friend who’s married to another friend.

You are the perfect person to kindly nourish her in this way, and tend to her sexual needs.  You feel curious and a little conceited, as you know you are in a great position to care for her meaningfully with your dick, while committed to me.

It’s good timing, that you can focus on our friend for this weekend, while I’m away, checking in with me once a day.  This is new for us also.  It’s been a long time since you went on a trip with someone other than me.

the drive

You talk during the drive, holding hands the entire time.  Seems something important is about to happen, but you talk about other things.

She asks about me, when I’m coming home from my trip.  “How did you two meet?” she asks.  Years ago I told her the story, but she forgot.  Then she talks about work.  She asks a few questions about your kids, who are adults now, and your previous marriage.

You’re happy to answer her, giddy as you answer.  You like her curiosity.  The miles pass quickly.


Your dick is hard again, when you arrive at the cabin.  You unload the car and show her the space.  She refills her water bottle at the tap.

Then you’re done unloading, in the cabin alone together.  “It’s so quiet,” she says.  She puts her arms around you and holds you.  You can hear she’s breathing fast.  Her breasts are pressed against you, and you’re breathing fast too.

She rubs her hands up and down your back.  You do the same to her, feeling the solidness of her body.  She’s wearing a revealing dress and no bra.  You touch the top part of her ass, and she makes a small sound.

“Uh,” she says.  You can tell she’s aroused, and you lean closer to her, your erection slightly pressing on her.  She responds by pressing back against it, and she makes a small sound again.

She kisses your mouth, and it thrills you.  You trust her very much; she’s always been caring, to you.  Her mom-habits affect how she treats people.  She sees the best in you, like she would love a kid, automatically.


You take off your shirt, and she presses her face to your cool shoulder.  She holds you like that.  She kisses you again.  The intensity of your desire is distracting.  Your dick wants inside her really bad.  The desire feels energizing and new, something specifically for her.

She takes off her dress.  Her bare breasts in the cabin are shocking.  You see them and feel them against your bare skin, and you want to fuck her really bad.  You kiss her nipples and feel amazed that this is happening, how easy it is.

You’re both not rushed.  She holds you, and you both are feeling the moment.  You move toward the bed, and you both turn down the covers.  Many times you’ve visited this cabin with me, and we’ve enjoyed a lot of sex here.  You’ve made me come many times, in this comfortable bed.  It’s astounding, to know you will get a lot of sex with our friend here, this weekend.

You lie down together, and tenderness overwhelms you.  You haven’t been in bed with a woman besides me in years.  Your heart aches for her.

Your body is thrumming with the joy of freedom.  This gorgeous lady is going to make love with you many times, over the course of the weekend.  You’re overwhelmed.


She unzips your pants, and you show her your dick.  Her hand is on your thigh.  She says, “It’s beautiful.  Can I touch it?”  You say yes.

Then she traces its ridges with her fingers.  Your dick is excited and confused, wanting more.  It wants to push into her hand and down her throat.  You smile and breathe, as she takes her time with you.

“Can I suck it?” she asks.

“Yes,” you say.  She moves down on the bed and rubs her lips on you, then takes you into her mouth.  She slowly licks you and moves her mouth up and down on your dick, like she’s memorizing it.

You want to climb onto her and shove yourself into her cunt.  Your impulse is intense, to turn her onto her back and shove your dick between her legs as hard as you can.  But you let her take her time with you, surrendering.


She rubs her own nipples sometimes, as she blows you.  She’s very interested in what she’s doing to you.  It’s been years since she made love with a man other than her ex.

It feels like sex is a different thing, and she can enjoy in a new way, as a fully-formed adult.  With her ex-husband, she got stuck as the young person she was when she met him.  With you, she can be her actual self, mature and ripe.

Your breathing speeds up, and she gently pets your balls as she blows you.  You’re going to come, and you feel a little afraid.  Like coming will mean it really happened.

But your ejaculation and orgasm are inevitable.  “I’m going to come,” you tell her, like you’ve told me so many times.  She holds your dick in her hand and licks the head of your dick gently.

You moan, and she holds your dick tightly as it spasms semen onto your tummy.  She notices as the first spasm squirts it far, and the subsequent spasms are less.  You’re overwhelmed with pleasure, and you love her.

She was with you as you came, loving you also, feeling it with her hand.  It’s good, this happened.  You look at her, and you both smile.  You grab a bedside tissue and wipe the semen off your tummy–she takes a second tissue and helps.


You ask if you can kiss her body and lick her cunt.  She says yes and is lying on the bed, available to you.  You kiss her tummy, her breasts, her arms, her thighs.  She moans as you lick her nipples gently.  Her tits are amazing.  You adore them right away.

Then you settle in to explore her wet cunt.  She wants your mouth kissing her there, then licking her.  She’s ecstatic to feel your stubborn tongue licking and nudging her clit.  You rub her inner thighs with your hands.

She yelps as she suddenly comes for you, and you see her back arch.  She cries out for you, her voice filling the cabin, and you hear the sounds she makes, as the orgasm rocks her body.

You listen and continue to lick.  In a few minutes, she comes again, surprised at how strong her second orgasm is, similar to the first.

The sounds she makes are more intense, the second time, as she relaxes with you.  You lick some more, slowing down and speeding up.  She comes a third time.  You feel proud and very satisfied.


You climb up onto the bed, and you hold each other, smiling.  She tells you, “That felt so good,” and kisses your cheek.

She’s thrumming with happiness, happy with you.  You feel treasured and safe.  And you know she’ll want you again in a few hours.  You’ll have a snack, walk around outside, and talk.

Then she’ll kiss you again.  You’ll lie on your back and let her ride your dick however she wants.  Her tits will hang above you, and you will relax as she uses your body and comes on you.


The next morning, as you wake up, she’ll be touching your dick.  “Please fuck me,” she’ll request.  You’ll climb onto her and fuck her as hard as you can.  She’ll feel inundated, filled by your big dick so joyfully.

You’ll fully wake up as she comes for you, her cunt squeezing hard around your dick, over and over.  She’ll grab at you and cry out against your shoulder.

Then you’ll push deeper, down into her, and ejaculate into her.  You’ll feel the intense release, so much love pulsating into her.

Two cabin days pass quickly.  You dream of other weekends and new ways to make love with her.

At home, you think of her body and beat off in our bed.  It feels good to have a girlfriend and to want someone in a new way.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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