pupfish dick

Hey, did you know there’s a small desert fish called a pupfish?  They are really special!

In Death Valley National Park, there’s a stream called Salt Creek.  That’s the first place I ever saw pupfish or heard of them.  It was more than 20 years ago, when I camped a lot in Death Valley, my favorite place in the world.

Pupfish are cute.  They dart around playfully.  They have a reputation for energetic vigor.  Also, they live in some weird places.

There’s a boardwalk by Salt Creek; you can read informative signs, about the pupfish lifecycle, the creek, pickleweed that grows there.  You can see the sign instructions, not to step off the boardwalk, then see the footprints in the sand where people stepped.

“Tsk, tsk,” you might say.  Then you second-guess yourself, saying maybe the footprints are from a scientist or ranger who needed to do a special task.

There are wooden benches.  I usually rest on a bench and sing, while whoever I’m there with walks more.  Singing in the desert feels really good.  Last time I was there, I read a letter from a friend–I carried that letter around with me in my bag for months.  Felt special to finally read it, at Salt Creek.

But the pupfish were nowhere to be found.  They die and return, seasonally.  Then climate change messes that up too.

Other places have pupfish also, like Devil’s Hole.  The Devil’s Hole pupfish are super endangered and pretty.  Anyway, this is a sex blog.


I was having sex with my spouse.  We were at the beginning part and had these contingencies.  He was doing laundry, and he wanted to move it to the drier, before we really got into it.  The clothes were almost finished washing.  I didn’t want to worry about the laundry, so I was willing to wait.

He was wearing his hat, still.  I think he had his glasses on too, but his dick was nakedly sticking out.  He had his clothes on–he’d unzipped his pants, to give me access.

“That’s pretty kinky, that you’re still wearing your hat,” I said.  “You’re a geek!’  He has a pupfish pin on his hat.

“We should call your dick Pupfish,” I suggested, touching it.  He smiled.  “What a charming, playful pupfish you have,” I said.  “I want to pet your pupfish.”

“I want to kiss your pupfish,” I said.  He gave me a look.  “I want your pupfish inside me.  Please swim to me!”

We were laughing.  “Is this too weird?” I asked.

“No,” he said, still cutely hatted.

“I want your pupfish in my Devil’s Hole!” I ventured.  Oh, this was some of the funniest sex I ever had.

We negotiated needs; he put his dick back in his pants and tended to the laundry.  Then he returned, took off his clothes, and we did it more for real.


I guess this post is like that last one.  Just a funny moment, sex and laughter.

I praise Mother God that we are happy and healed–in so little pain, we can joke, make love, and care for one another so joyfully.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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