new naked

“Do you want my clothes in here?”

“Yes,” he said, getting ready to do laundry.

“Ok, I’m taking off my clothes!” I said.  I whipped off my shirt.  Suddenly the top half of myself was bare, large breasts wild in the kitchen.

He gave an approving look.  I laughed and am laughing now.

My hands went to my waist, touching my black bike shorts, as he watched me.  “I’m embarrassed!” I said.  “You’re going to see me naked!”

We were laughing because we’ve been together almost nine years now.  I think he’s seen me naked before.

“In fall, it’s different,” I said, as I eased the shorts and chonies off my body.  “It’s serious.  It’s like a whole other naked.”

There I was, naked as the moment I was born.  Unsubtle, fat, slightly chilled.  I pushed my clothes into the laundry basket.

Then I had a predicament.  I needed to get my shoes across the room to where my shoes go.  I didn’t want to pick them up, so I slipped them on to my feet.

“Ahhh!  I’m wearing shoes while naked!  Ahhh!  This feels so wrong!” I said, as I hurried to the side of the room where my shoes go.

My spouse laughed.  He said, “You’re cute.”  It was a good morning moment.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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