not hearing back

I was listing in my head possible explanations for not hearing back from someone.  Here, for your list-reading pleasure.

  1. They never got your message.
  2. They had a family emergency, health issue, accident, or huge event.
  3. The reply they sent didn’t go through.
  4. They’re thinking about it.
  5. Tons of mixed feelings are bubbling up in them, and they need time to sort them out.
  6. They got distracted by someone more aggressive, pretty, or dangerous.
  7. They lost their phone.
  8. You got classified as a certain possible role in their head, like girlfriend material, so when they decided to go back to their ex, who will take up all their time, things changed, and they don’t need you.
  9. They decided you’re too weird, quiet, serious, similar to someone else they had issues with, disabled, young, old, crazy, needy, brilliant, or particular.
  10. They feel intimidated by your partner.
  11. Social status they would lose by partnering with someone as fat as you.
  12. So afraid of messing it up, they got frozen with fear, and messed it up.
  13. Someone forbade them.
  14. Fear of intimacy.
  15. Racism.
  16. They see how you live your values and realize you run on integrity, which they could never measure up to.
  17. They forgot your name.
  18. Some weird fact involving a mutual acquaintance from 20 years ago–a grudge, an accusation, misinformation, and the desire to avoid drama.
  19. They don’t think a response is necessary.
  20. They only date vegans.
  21. Really bad relationship history means they see the future with you, it’s not good, and they’re trying to protect you.
  22. They have zero respect for your taste in poetry.
  23. Incompatible kinks.
  24. Substance abuse habits.
  25. They already got everything they wanted from you.
  26. They realized you’re smarter than they are.
  27. A spell was broken.
  28. You look goofy when you dance.
  29. Incompatible covid health protocols.
  30. Miscommunication.
  31. Political views.
  32. Anger problem.
  33. They decided to leave society indefinitely.
  34. They’re on a Vipassana retreat.
  35. Or backpacking.
  36. Astrology chart shows your relationship is doomed.
  37. They got hacked, and the hacker delights in destroying nascent relationships.
  38. They don’t know how to articulate what they have to say, and time is passing.
  39. Their response seems obvious to them, through their behavior, so they don’t need to use words.
  40. Hurt feelings you’ll never know about.
  41. They’re not really interested.
  42. They don’t like how long your lists are.

I think my favorite is the one about seeing a future, it’s not good, and wanting to protect you.  That’s the most heartbreaking one.

They already got everything they wanted from you is pretty scathing also.

This list could be missing the actual reason.  Relationships can be a struggle, but I came to Earth in a human body to do relationship and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, as well as of the spirit.  So I’m going to try.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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