ten dirtiest hottest words

Someone on fetlife asked–what are the dirtiest words.  I listed what I consider the dirtiest words, and hottest.


I like saying no, while my spouse fucks me, holding me down.  Or while he rubs my cunt, a finger pushed between those lips and pressing my clit.  Sometimes we just started, and it hurts because the wetness isn’t accumulated yet.  So I can whisper-whimper a no, with pain, and it feels so hot, the sensation overload with the vulnerability and emotional complexity.

Pretend violation is delicious, for me.  It’s healing, to say no to someone I love and trust, and have him continue to fuck or finger or lick me.  A subtle power play or trauma reenactment that adds a layer of tension and pretend difficulty to the experience, charging it.

I could murmur “no” all day, as he pretend-violates me.  It’s my favorite.


It’s a bad word, turned power word.  Some asshole white guy could call me a cunt any day–I don’t care.  I would laugh in his face.

A cunt is what you were probably born from.  A cunt is the most amazing thing in the world.  Please pardon my hippie notion, but–cunts are portals between worlds.  Strange yet commonplace multipurpose organs that are beautiful, varied, and so real.

With many nerve endings.  Potential mystery.  Often covered, supposedly protected, but commonly used and harmed.  Vulnerable yet having the unfathomable power of birthing new animals.  Cunts are not really caring what you think about them.

I’m happy to be a cunt, have a cunt, love cunts, draw them, worship them.  That’s the kind of witch I am–cunt witch.


A bit edgier, being called bitch has been painful for me in the past.  It was painful, when my dad called me a bitch, or my ex-husband.  That was a long time ago, and I hadn’t reclaimed the term.

A female dog, puppies nursing on her teats–why not.  I would be that.  Or a snarling dog, protecting something valuable.  A gorgeous, cared for dog, strong and radiant, with soft fur, glowy in the light of the hearth fire.  I’m someone who doesn’t have or want pets, but if I had a pet, a bitch seems like an option.

I’ve asked my sweetheart to call me a bitch and pull my hair.  When I asked him to hit me also, or be mean in other ways, bitch could go well with that.


Slut is similar–less implication that I’m a selfish, difficult person, and more implication that I’m dirty for having sexual desires.

Could be an actual sexworker I suppose, but mostly I’ve heard slut used to insult a woman for having sexual desires like almost any man does.

If wanting sexual contact, sexual pleasure, and sexual power makes me a slut, that’s ok with me.  It’s definitely worth it.  Slut sounds like slit, and I love my slit, and being honest about what my body is asking for.

hurt me

Asking for pain is funny–feels like topping from the bottom, wanting the right amount of hurting.  The contradiction is hot.  “Violate me” could be similar.


Sucking dick is one of my favorite things to do, honestly.  Cock is an ok word, but I don’t like roosters.  Dick seems important.

A penis that is relaxed and not having sex is more a penis, to me, and I don’t like that word!  But a dick is more often hard and interested in action.

“Dick” as a cruel person, I’ve definitely used, as in, “My boss was being a real dick,” or, “Don’t be a dick to me!”  Even, “Don’t dick around.” But I’d prefer not to say that.  Dicks are amazing, as cunts are amazing, and to use those words as insults doesn’t make much sense.

let me suck your dick

Having just the head of his dick in my mouth, feeling its ridges with my lips, rubbing the underside with my tongue.  Looking up at him.  Taking it in, sucking the whole thing, my lips squeezing the base of his dick rhythmically.  Grabbing his balls while I suck.  Caressing his ass and thighs, touching his hips and tummy.  I do that.

I used to see sucking dick as a chore, with previous partner-persons.  Like a favor I didn’t want to do, some duty.  Gagging was not my idea of fun–my ptsd was activated.  It was uncomfortable.  My spouse is the only person whose dick I really have enjoyed sucking.

I’ve sucked so much dick, I could have a Master’s degree in blowjobs.  My thesis would be called Intimate Throat Space Ejaculated Down: How Sucking Dick is Easy to Swallow.  What do you think?  I could defend that thesis pretty easily.

Enjoying begging is a thing.  I like to ask him for it, pretending I have to ask.  He always wants it.

put it in my mouth

“Put it in my mouth,” is nice too.


I only heard “tits” used disrespectfully.  Breasts are so amazing to me.  I heard teenage boys and men use “tits” with an angry edge.  Like they hated breasts for their power to arouse, as if breasts had such power over them, they hated them more than they loved them.

A lot of misogyny feels that way–someone needs sex, love, and emotional labor from me, but he can’t do the work required to get it, when I need him to be kind and caring.  So a man “loves” me and wants me, but hates me for having needs, if I speak up about them.  He wants what he wants, on his terms, no compromise for me or meeting me partway.

He doesn’t want to recognize there’s something deficient in him, that he doesn’t know how to be a decent person or nurture.  So he has to turn his anger outward, blaming me.  It becomes my fault, for needing things and expressing feelings.  Not his for being immature, unable to communicate, selfish, and cruel.

Tits is a word that I reclaimed from all of that.  I can still see it in that context.  But also, the energy of the erotic disrespect, reclaiming it…  My feelings shift, over the years.



Boob is a childish word.  I hear people use it in a way that I’m supposed to hear as neutral, but I want to giggle.  Boob sounds like a bird–blue-footed boobies.

A boobie prize, like you did worst at the game, and you get an undesirable fake prize.  I like that concept–the anti-winner.  I often feel like last place.

Stupid person, or “boob tube” as a way to insult a tv.  Boob is funny to say, the sound.  And it’s a palindrome.  I really don’t like it–I never say it.  I say breasts or less frequently tits.

To me a boob is awkwardly large, possibly in the way.  Boobs are less objects of desire, more strange and other.  I hear people speak of their own boobs, like, “My boobs are sore today,”or, “When I was pregnant, my boobs started getting really big.”  I listen caringly but inside feel mystified, that people speak about their breasts that way.

But maybe breasts sounds too stuffy, or clinical.  The informality of “boobs” is the idea.

Well, it can have a slight erotic charge to me, of childishness, a playground word naming something forbidden that kids my age didn’t have yet.  Rare times my spouse has referred to my breasts as boobs, that’s felt weird to me, in a way I liked.


Thank you for enjoying my words about words.  I hope you got some ideas of what to whisper during sex, or art you want to make, or new ways to use these words.

A lot of these words are most spoken in my own mind.  A valid place to live, grow, and try things out.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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