the kind of witch I am

“Hey, do you know what turns me on lately?” I asked.

“What?” he asked.

“Getting your semen in my hair,” I said.



“We can do that!”

“Yeah?  Did you like it, when I was cuddling on your dick after you came, and your semen was getting in my hair, earlier?”

“Yeah!  I loved it!”


At home, there are too many people around.  How relaxing, to go on vacation, and have sex every day, not trying to be silent, not worried someone is outside and hearing me make whatever muffled sound.  

Vacation is for sex.  How nourishing, to be close to him, come a lot– those long days of privacy.

screwy sex toys

A good friend told me about this site dedicated to criticism of sex toys.

It’s funny, and I enjoy the speaker’s mind.

I have a cheap red vibrator I’ve come on many times, and that’s it–not a lot of knowledge about sex toys.  It’s fun to hear someone talk about a thing they know a lot about, that I know only a little about.

Got me thinking about what I would most like in a sex toy–I don’t think of myself as an inventor of gadgets.

Also, looking at Early2Bed, I enjoyed seeing current sex toys for sale.  I hadn’t shopped for sex toys in a long time.  I saw some vibrating dildos, which made me question what a dildo is, vs vibrator.

rose quartz dildo

I most want a dildo made of rose quartz and a vegan harness that fits me.  My spouse doesn’t want me to fuck him in the ass, but I hope he would go down on my crystal dick–that would be beautiful to behold.

That’s the kind of witch I am, and the kind of hippie I am.  And the kind of queer I am too, I suppose.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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