sex dreams

I’ll be watching a movie on a screen somewhere–in a spaceship? in an underground place?–and the movie gets really sexy!  I’ll be like, oh, I didn’t know this was a porn movie.  I’ll see some surprising breasts, exposed, so gorgeous, and feel super-glad.

My cunt will ache with arousal, and I’ll feel more involved in the movie.  There’s a woman so curvy, with huge breasts and ass–a woman in a green dress with a swollen vulva, aroused and pushing her cunt against something…

Then another woman curvy beyond what I usually see, almost like an ancient goddess sculpture.  I’m like–wow, this is the sexiest movie in the word.

Then I’m in the movie and having sex with them.  Sometimes the parts are changey, and things happen that make no sense, physiologically and physics-wise–a cunt changing into something like a penis, or parts where parts usually are not located, and extra parts.

I want to come and sometimes think I will, but I never have an orgasm.  Sometimes the dream will go back to be being a movie, or things shift, and it’s no longer about sex at all.


Years ago I had a dream and realized I was dreaming.  So I thought to myself, “I could do whatever I want.”  I decided I would have sex.

Somehow I chose the weirdest person to do it with, someone I loved when I was a teenager and don’t talk to anymore.  He was behind me–we were in an RV, and it didn’t feel all that great, really.  Then the dream changed into a regular dream.


Sometimes a feeling from a dream will linger and carry into regular life.  In a dream, I’ll have sex with someone or otherwise love them that way; then the next day, I see them and blush, feeling so painfully awkward.

A few days later, the feeling would wear off.  I kinda liked the line being blurred, between dream and regular life.

Dreams are so vivid and good for me.  I like the lessons they teach me and just the art of them.  I’ll wake up amazed at what I created.


By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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