top ten places I’ve had sex

I decided to make a list of top ten places I’ve had sex, for the fun of it.  Besides beds, bathrooms, hotel rooms, and vehicles, these are the more memorable ones.

costume room of a large auditorium

I “lost my virginity” during a performance of Arsenic and Old Lace, honestly.  My boyfriend and I were teenagers.  He was in the play, but he had a small part.  We went during a scene he wasn’t in, to the least-used costume room–no one else was around.

I was on top.  I put the condom on his dick and got it into me.  How romantic!  Hahahaha!  I rode him awkwardly for a minute.

We were nervous, and I was glad when it was over.  He’d been pressuring me, and I didn’t have to worry about that anymore.

dugout of a baseball field

It was night–that same boyfriend and I were at a basketball game, playing pep tunes in the stands.  We went out to the field and into the dugout.

Dugout has always sounded vaguely sexual, to me–like a slang word for vulva.  “You make me want to touch my dugout.”  Hmm, not sure!

golf course

This was really not so bad, the edge of a golf course at the beach.  We were with friends but snuck off just the two of us, to do it on the grass.  It felt dangerous and stupid.

empty park fountain

My first girlfriend and I were at a park at night, and we had sex in an empty fountain.  She was wearing a dress and tights, and she’d pulled her tights down part-way.

She bit me too hard.  I was touching her cunt and smelled it on my hand over and over again, the rest of the night.


My own backyard, when I was a teenager, by the side of the house.  A boyfriend’s backyard, under a tree–I remember the shade and a peaceful feeling.  Next to a pool in someone else’s backyard.  Countless backyards–I have no chance of remembering them.

a frontyard

A frontyard also, under a conifer, when I was a teenager.  It was the frontyard of a random stranger .  I was trying to rush my boyfriend because I was late getting home.  He was fucking me on the ground, and I was like, please hurry up and come.

Finally he did come.  When I got home, my mom criticized me for being late.  I lied that the game got out late.  My hair had little burrs in it, those spherical spiral ones.

the roof of a restaurant

That was at an amusement park, a really long time ago.

the bedroom floor of someone who was never my girlfriend

I was wondering for 25 years if this was sex or if it was just making out.  Just now I decided–it was sex.  I’m tired of over-considering others’ definitions of sex.  It was sex to me–it counted.

The next morning, I watched her play piano, in love with her.  It doesn’t make sense now, and I can’t much relate to the kid I was, but her experimenting with me hurt in ways I could not understand until much later.

She told me, “I thought you were safe.”  I don’t know how having emotions is unsafe.  If I could be trusted to do anything, it was to feel.

She said she was straight, afterward.  Another time, she was anxious from smoking too much weed and crawled into bed with me for comfort, holding me and petting me.

I was frozen with conflicting emotions and scooched away from her, to the far edge of the bed, unwilling to violate her boundaries since she was too out of her mind to give consent.  Yeah, she messed with me.  I don’t appreciate it!

a sacred mountain

My spouse and I had sex on a mountain, the first time we did it.  I’m glad nobody saw us.  I felt afraid things wouldn’t work out between us, so I felt really vulnerable, but I wanted him with my entire being.

hot springs

The wet heat surprised me, enclosing me in the intense relaxing comfort.  It was a new sensation.  My breasts floating in the water looked beyond pretty.  I felt so buoyant, a different being from usual.  A pleasure creature.

My spouse and I held hands and cuddled close.  My body thrummed with arousal.  I encircled him with my legs and rubbed my cunt on him.  He pushed at my opening and make his way inside me.

I was very quiet.  Tightly I held his shoulders and accepted his thrusts, delirious with pleasure.

I felt overwhelmed.  I was confused about whether it was ok to have sex there.  We had sex there several times, and hopefully one day will again.

inner world

These top ten places I’ve had sex are pertinent to my life, but I prefer my inner landscape.  What was happening in my mind is more important.  But there’s something to be said for the regular dimension.  Another day I’ll tell you more about the inner part.

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