love sex ritual


This love sex ritual is about connection, blessing, honoring.  A refreshing of commitment and expression of care.  Please adapt for use with your own partner person or persons.

materials:  friendship candle, dish of water, rose oil, hunk of amethyst, Mother image, chocolate, water to drink, lighter, pouch of magic

I am naked in the goddess seat.  Spouse is naked, standing.  Light the candle, and adjust the light for reading.

spouse speaks:

This is my spouse, who I adore.  I love her as my dearest incarnation of God.  She nurtures me emotionally, sexually, and with food.  She helps me see what I need to do and do it.  She listens, shares all she has, sleeps with me, and meets me halfway.  She knows me, body and soul.  For all of that, I am truly grateful. [kiss]

Thank you to Mother God for bringing this darling to me.  Thank you to her mother for forming her inside her womb, feeding her, and raising her.  Thank you to the world for teaching her and helping her become the person she is.  For all of that, I am truly grateful.  [kiss]

Thank you to my darling yourself, for embodying God’s love to me.  Thank you for being reliable and trustworthy.  Thank you for overcoming adversity to keep yourself well and make it to the age when you met me.  Thank you for being vulnerable, trusting me, and healing your trauma.  Thank you for sharing yourself with me sexually and letting me know who you are, body and soul.  For all of that, I am truly grateful. [kiss]

When I married you six years ago, I vowed to love you, always be your friend, stay with you through hard times.  We spoke these vows, witnessed by many, and found community acknowledgement.  My commitment to you is complete.  My love for you is deeper than ever. [kiss]

I spend my life partnered with you for our mutual benefit and the benefit of the world.  I recognize your freedom to be who you are, learning the lessons you need to learn.  I support you through your needs and changes, as you do the same for me.  It is an honor to be your spouse and live with you as your partner. Thank you for giving yourself to me.  [kiss]


I honor your mind, as a rich source of insight, full of memory, ideas, new connections.  I bless your mind and thank it for comprising you. [anoint head with water]

I honor your eyes, thanking Mother God for your senses. [anoint eyes with water]

I honor your ears, thanking Mother God for your other senses.  [anoint with water]

I honor your mouth, thanking Mother God for your voice, sense of taste, lips that kiss me,  tongue which licks me, and throat that I ejaculate into. [anoint lips with water slowly and completely]

I honor your lungs, the holy places where oxygen enters your blood.  I honor your trustworthy heart, which pumps and enlivens.  [anoint chest with oil in crescent moon shape]

I honor your breasts, sources of joy, pleasure, and love.  I bless them with health for all of your days. [anoint nipples with oil slowly and completely]

I honor your stomach and its fire, burning the food you offer there, energy and warmth made there, thanking Mother God for your life, as your stomach allows you to eat and live. [anoint stomach with oil]

Please lie back on the bed.  I honor your womb, a place of potential you do not carry a passenger within.  I honor your Choice, the mystery of your creation-potential, and respect your decisions and what you do with your body and life.  [anoint abdomen with oil]

I honor your cunt, source of personal power, orgasm, your own pleasure, joy to my dick and tongue, and ask Mother God to bless you for health and pleasure for all of your days. [anoint cunt with water]

I honor your legs and their strength, thanking Mother God for your freedom. [anoint knees with oil]

I honor your feet as your contact with Mother Earth.  I thank her that you can walk, and for the knowledge that we will care for you for all of your days. [anoint feet with oil]

I honor your writing, movement and change, the service you do, feelings you feel, voices you hear, challenges you face bravely.  I bless your entire being through time–baby, child, young adult, middle aged adult, and the elder you will be.  

brilliant as the sun

You are beautiful, true, brilliant as the sun, and I share my life with you, charming sweetheart, giving myself to you, to engage with kindness.  Thank you for accepting my worship of you tonight. [kiss]

You sewed into this pouch the ring you chose as a wedding ring, and the ring I gave you more recently in thanks for some specific ways you help me.  Please accept this pouch as a container of magic-wellbeing, and please re-accept these rings as the symbols they are, honoring your entirety. [kiss]

Do you accept them?

(I do.)  [anoint rings with water and put the pouch around my neck]

You are a miracle of strength and survival, and I thank Mother God for you.  Please stand and let me hold you nakedly to me, as long as you want, and let me express my love to you by kissing you, bringing you my sexual desires, bringing you pleasure that you want, and feeding you chocolate.  I love you, now and forever.

[love sex ritual ends–drink water, sex, chocolate, dump the water leftovers into the garden, extinguish candle]

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