what I wish he’d say


I’ll hop in my truck

and drive to you,

straight thru, without sleeping.

when I get to your house,

I’ll take a shower.  then

you can look at my naked body,

hold me for as long as you want,

get comfortable with how

I feel against you,

how I smell and move,

for two minutes or multiple days,

however long you need.

say the word,

the moment you’re ready,

and I’ll fuck you with the full

strength of my muscles.

how many times

can I make you come on my dick,

quivering and exhausted?

thenceforth, I’ll fuck you

daily with a deep

single-pointed thoroughness

to leave your cunt red,

shiny, hurting for me.

you’ll wake up every morning

wanting me,

do your morning things,

then let me use

your ample, happy body

for whatever my dick wants

that particular day.

for the foreseeable future.

I’ll have several projects,

but depositing come

deep in your hole

will be my primary project.

I don’t care

how beautiful you are,

or to make a movie.

it’s more that my body

chose you.

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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