why I’m jealous

usually she’s a blonde white lady

i love then hate

with value i could never attain

life i tiny bit wanted

luxury of having children

owning a house

able to work a job 

it’s more about resources

than sex

enraged you made sure

she got in the front door

but didn’t do that for me

her golden hair shining


i can’t blame your dick

for moving in your pants

toward her

but resources you spend on her

i think belong to me

i resent i lost

for her gain

a type of beauty

i couldn’t perform


but it’s delicious 

how you fucked her 

all night beside me

while i was trying to sleep

i woke up as she came

around your dick shaking

the bed slightly moving

hearing your breathing change

as you neared ejaculating

into her cunt wet

from your semen already


i would have done the same

dreams filled with

her gasps and cries

her naked body pushing

on your naked body


a life i could never create

born crazy

but you fuck us both with

the same love

kind eager

i can’t blame you

generous smiling

By Nest

Curious, disabled Earth Goddess, telling the truth.

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